Hungry Ghosts

Perhaps, the world might indulge me for a moment and let me alight up on some old ghosts, shake the dust off the shackles and wake the dead. Who desire nothing more than to have their story told. for Hell, my friends, is to be forgotten.   Life doesn’t pick favorites and it sure as … Continue reading Hungry Ghosts

Not a Friend

My words were never more than just a whisper, that only by good fortune found your ear. Across a world of wind's anticipation, the deafening draw, you heard me clear. Everything I said was to sustain you. Syllables like meat and wine imbued, I thought I was saving you.   How long, did my ego … Continue reading Not a Friend

Old Ropes

There was once laughter that brought the danger. There was love that felt like pain and there were nights, that turned to daytime, things that I swore won't come again.   There were lots of little questions, there were pictures in the hall. When I came begging for the answers you had none at all. … Continue reading Old Ropes

Time Line

Time will draw a line between us, as we vie for acceptance, getting what we beg for and then smiling proud with promise.   Once I heard the rush of the life blood in your veins, ever since the touch, you seem further away. Drew up your plans for success, prayed for love and life … Continue reading Time Line