The Dawning Blade

  Good morning, Citizens. This is a warning. Magnificent isn’t it. The dawning of a new day. The drawing of a new blade; each one comes prepared to be the last one we will ever need. It all depends on where we place our eyes.   Look up to the sky. Bow your head a […]

A Human Centipede

I watched you crawl into dark spaces, lithe and contorted, like some many-legged insect. Absolving yourself of all your little disgraces, those little white lies that became an infinite void.   I saw you feed on pain and devastation. I saw what  a diet of shame and guilt could do. You, who I once believed […]

The Perfect Winter Night

Light travels differently at -40°. Cleaner, clearer, exposed in stark relief, standing with no comfort. Everything extraneous is obvious. The wasted and the derelict freeze quickly and are gone. The wounded and the sorrowful find shelter and the streets are bare.   Every sound is unlwelcome, except for the song sung by the failing. All […]

Dawn Apostle

These are the lean times. The in between times. The belly full, but sometimes the mind screams and I’m nose to the grindstone, eyes on my own work, feet on the way to a milestone, soul on a slow burn.   It was my turn and I took it without question. My mind made up […]


Did you ask the sky about the coming winter? The leaves on the trees seem to believe that turning early is the way to go. Even the birds know. They’ve made their travel plans. They’re getting out of here, man; you can believe it.   How is it going to be? In that long night, […]

Prison Skin

Thought you were ready to run? Thought you were ready to go? All fucked up on the answers of all that you had to know. Now that you have the keys; you’ve killed a jailer or two. Can you work the lock from the inside? Are you sure you want to? The world out there […]


I felt a morning breeze drag its fingers across my face; a gentle wake up call, before the heavy hand of the day would fall.   I climbed up out of Hell, just as I did every morning and I took a look around. Somehow, the whole world had changed on me again.   Slow, […]

Big Red Balloon

  Don’t say a thing. Don’t make a sound. Don’t even breathe. Don’t do anything. Wait just a moment, in a few seconds, you’re whole world’s going to change. I promise, things will never be the same, when I take away all that you have been. Just put your faith in me.   Give me […]


I’m right where I need to be, between the devil and the deep blue sea, between the sky above me and the Earth below; I don’t know what I don’t know.   I can’t care enough to lie, and I can’t count the times I’ve died a little inside when you walk by.   There […]

Grave Wax

There are words here somewhere, to describe this something. If I sit here longer in the silence wondering. Digging deeper into my head to find you, my mind to let you out into the vacuum.   Every thought I’ve ever had was leading up to this one; I’m euphoric. It has been so many years […]


These days are new days, revealed by the light of an Eastern stranger.   The frigid blankets pulled back to reveal the scars of a murderous season.   Never has such desolation been more welcome.   Soon, the grounds around will be swept clean and a season of rot will feed a field of Marigold […]

Childish Things

I am told that we used to play in a garden of stars. So many silly games made us who we are. We never stopped to question the meaning of the answers, it was easy to believe them as they were.   If there were no rules to the world I live in now, I’d […]

The Lie

Maybe I’ve been lying all along, but who expected me to tell the truth? Would the Father of Lies be surprised? I doubt he’d even turn a head or two.   The night is all the truth I’ve ever known. I’ve asked the sky for rain to help me grow. I have been denied, spent […]

A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit that you have closed your eyes, when the world outside showed that it didn’t care and you got scared. Learned you had been believing in a lie, but you’re too brave to hide, so you built a grand design. Painted with the world you want to see on the inside and now […]

The Will of The Storm

On the horizon, the storm gathers and waits for some poor soul to wander far from home. Then it rolls in, slow and silent, between us and the Sun and cools our skin with winds from high up.   Rumbles come, low and breaking. Lit by light snapping, cracking the sky and blistering the air […]

Giving It

Gave in one final time. Turning my back on all I’ve ever been, choosing you, choosing life. Walking away from sickness and pain and I don’t feel the same.   Take away my mind. Take away me. Break the chains of my sorrow, setting me free.   From time to time I have waded deeper […]


Come on and go past the sweet beyond, this is what you have been waiting for for so long.   Cradle to the whole received, dead is what was once believed and a new one rises from the ash. Belligerent – Ignorant take what you can, or can’t to make a place for it.   […]

You can go wherever you want in life, but The Devil never changes his address.


We wait on each other to make a move, fearful fence sitters, we rarely approve of our choices; restrain our voices. Urging telepathy – afraid to speak, lest we give up our souls to anybody just as weak as us, so often disastrous.   Let it be what it is. Be all I am. Unjudging, […]

Time Line

Time will draw a line between us, as we vie for acceptance, getting what we beg for and then smiling proud with promise.   Once I heard the rush of the life blood in your veins, ever since the touch, you seem further away. Drew up your plans for success, prayed for love and life […]