Looking for the spaces between the pounding waves to take a breath and fight the tide again.   Waiting for a break between the blows, so that I might find my feet and start fighting back.   The critical thing in these dismal moments, is holding on and not succumbing to the voice that […]

Dig the Well

  Pushed away, solitary, segregated, compromised; another lie that served you well. Distracted, demonized, relegated. I bet you thought you were in Hell.   No choice, but the voices of the vagrant passing through your head in tune with them. I often wondered how your operated, you were so compromised back then.   Now, this […]

Time to Kill

  Maybe it’s all the same? We only come out of this one way. The stars we wish upon die before our words reach them, but we don’t stop wishing.   . We look into each other’s eyes, unless we’re wounded and we hide. No contract remains, only the day we leave this place.   […]


  Changing the medium, moving through some new atmosphere. Testing the ground, take a step in a new gravity.   Feeling it pull you down, not what it was, but still no danger of floating away.   The nightmare flight replays every evening. Impossible to suppress all of the feelings that come when you’re not […]


  Sometimes it’s like I don’t even recognize this life, your eyes. Is this some other sky?   Losing every touchstone. Home; and I am still alone, under some other moon.   Is it just me, or is that Ganymede? Is this world big enough to hold its gravity?   Open my eyes and it […]

Take Your Hand

  It’s time I took your hand and we turned our backs on all of this. It’s time we walked out in the rain away from what we made.   Secret life and sacred space. Demon haunted avarice. No escape from what we say, as long as we remain.   Sunrise comes up every day, […]

In Existence

  I’m not a part of your delusion. I’m not a friend. I’m not an enemy.   We are just two different people living in different worlds, but we share the same space, and we share the same time. It is too easy to fall into our places and speak our lines.   I’m in […]

Empty Spaces

  It feels empty in the place where there should be something. Heart still beating, mind still wondering, soul still yearning, hands still working, feet still moving, eyes still seeing, mouth still sinning.   Everything is where it should be, but the absence is inescapable.   You are with me, my lover, my partner, my […]

Comms Check

  Are we learning to speak again? Are the sounds and the gestures beginning to make sense? Some kind of language from what we abandoned? We had ideas, but they were used against us all.    Even our words became needles, became knives, became bullets and bombs and tore our soft bodies apart in our […]

Plague Masks

  Looking at you looking at me, two opposing polarities. What do you see? What I see of you is only what you show me.   Beauty is only skin deep but affection is a blade cutting through your layers, laying you bare as a babe.   Hatred destroys you, irradiates your soul, breaks down […]

Base Camp

  Taking in the journey gone, the miles made, so far, so long. I am tired, but I am not yet done.   Maybe I’ve been broken by the trail, wait; there’s no maybe about it. I’ve lost love, lost Faith, lost my mind on my way to the foot of this mountain.   The […]

This Light

  This light comforts me, keeps me safe and warm, and wards off the enemy that seeks me, gives me shelter from the storm. I will follow it to the stone. one that solid place I will build my home. I’ve been falling, fighting all alone. I was found and now, I am strong.   […]


  Vanity,  vanity; all is vanity, tragedy and calamity. How is this happening? We’re losing our humanity. Did we choose the cure, or the malady?   Watching the devils drive the wedges in, thinking all this could begin again. Falling into another deadly sin. Greed, Envy, or Gluttony?   Take it all and burn what’s […]


  Something more than what we were. A brilliant star in a spiral galaxy. Reaching out to touch the fingers of another.   Perfect birth and perfect destruction. None of these things happens by accident. When you tell me “It’s time.” I’m inclined to believe you. Nothing in your vibration speaks a lie.   We […]

Lover’s Analog

  Smooth skin, soft, warm invitation.   Your eyes speak languages your lips never could.   The movement of you and I, a composition of nature; a dance, graceful flight, moving upon the ocean.   Your breathing, just like mine, quickens in the moment. Our souls escaping, however briefly.   Head swimming, the look upon […]

On our own Time

  Where are our thoughts of tomorrow? Ripped away like tattered remains of flesh and skin on old bones of long dead soldiers; monuments to a forgotten war.   Lives laid down in row upon row for the sick hearts and wicked desires of powerful and corrupt men.   Where are our thoughts of yesterday? […]

An Ill Omen

  A dull light, suffuses the dark grey clouds, the light of day reduced to a pitiful veil. Rain is falling, the cold rain of an early winter, an ill omen, portending a hard year to come.   We had an idea this was coming. The elder cousins had watched the flocks fly South early, […]


  Do you regret giving in? Does it make you wonder how the world would be if you’d been just a little stronger and not needed so badly to be loved? Scared of the fear of exclusion, you made your choice and took your place amongst the ranks of the comforted, and marched to the […]

A Journey Away

  This is it; the moment where I give  my final gift, the push, that’s finally going to lift us up to that place.   I promise we’ll make it. Hold on tight. This next, final step is the biggest yet.   Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. We’re already under way. We’re just a journey […]