Killing Our Dead

Blessed are the Peacemakers; awash in the blood of innocence, their own culpability coppery red upon their lips. Never wage a war in a vacuum. There is a simple rule obeyed by all combatants. Surrender, only to your baser urges.   I have never killed a man. I have never desired it so. There was … Continue reading Killing Our Dead

Wretched & Reckless

I strung myself along dark precipitation streets, flecked with the feckless, the wretched, the reckless. The starry eyed denial that could not tell the difference between the rain and the tears on her cheeks.   I took the night in silence. The sound of yesterday’s rage still ringing in my ears. I was a child … Continue reading Wretched & Reckless

Seasonally Affected

In another couple of weeks I'll be sick of Winter and Winter will still hang around for a while.   When Spring does come it will be a welcome change, 'cause Lord knows I can feel a change is coming.   I have built up what I hope is enough, so when the change comes, … Continue reading Seasonally Affected

Falling Together

I watched you implode, brilliantly, like the stars you always wish on. Your beautiful edifice succumbed to unimaginable and unseen internal pressures.   You were always so full, of life, of love, of strength; I never would have believed if you told me that the weight was approaching violent, critical mass.   There was never … Continue reading Falling Together

Nurture Not The Hurt

After every disaster there is a moment where we get to choose to put it all back together the way we were, the way it was, or making something new.   We see so much of the same old, same old shit. Why would we want to rebuild what led to it? Why not make … Continue reading Nurture Not The Hurt

The Less and The Numb

You drew me inside with the promise of danger, all that I find is the less and the numb. The loss of sensation has deadened the touch, the thrill is all gone you promised too much and couldn’t deliver.   You said you would bring me the sun, but you fell short of Venus. So … Continue reading The Less and The Numb

Redundant Life

Dropped out - Ground down So proud - Now loud unbound. I've come - Gone long - Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you'll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen - feeding the … Continue reading Redundant Life


I'm running out, stripping away, done holding back, or holding on. Done none too much, staggered to stay and wait 'till someone comes along. It don't take me away, I'm trying to run on out. See the same thing day after day, trying to walk, feet nailed down.   Will she save me? Or can … Continue reading Emancipate

Time Line

Time will draw a line between us, as we vie for acceptance, getting what we beg for and then smiling proud with promise.   Once I heard the rush of the life blood in your veins, ever since the touch, you seem further away. Drew up your plans for success, prayed for love and life … Continue reading Time Line

You Are Weak

You are weak. Always given over, yet you never change at all. Just stay a punk, keep sucking up to some other motherfuck, who won't be there to catch you when you fall.   You're so afraid, fear's driven you crazy. Salvation ain't that easy, at least not when you're me. Survival is not the … Continue reading You Are Weak


This kind of life differs from any other, lifts me higher - drags me under, breaks me down, but I still wonder; what the point is - why we're here. One moment it's so obvious, with love and light in all of us. So simple - then so complicated, out lovers, now the hated.   … Continue reading Dissolver

Never Together

Crossing over, no way home. Hope has died, left me alone. I've tried to identify with her and I cry as she tells me of another.   Rejected with a laugh, feel like a fool. Wish I could keep her away, instead I break the only rule I haven't crossed. Fucked up and lost.   … Continue reading Never Together


Asleep on a bed of broken glass; no ease, no dreams, no rest, no ass - alone- Cursed to sleep in my solitary prison. Better here dead, than there and living, at least there is the virtue of somnambulism, to sleep, yet body moving; mind left un-arisen. Essence left and no more presence, dry out … Continue reading Asleep

Dead and Gone

Not confined by fine lines, or small minds. A precious few can share into this solitude. Keep the company of demons, ghosts and angels. From dreams to death, I tempt inherent danger. Up and down - I still stick around. Dead or driven - fool or clown.   Emaciated in this living coffin, life lived … Continue reading Dead and Gone

Invitation To A Fight

Approaching the expression with no regard for caution slave away for somethin' I don't even need.   Calling on you to find me in my brilliant night, for I have been blinded by delight - and never missed them.   Hope is like a long forgotten, misbegotten, woman that I kissed, then twisted out of … Continue reading Invitation To A Fight