Run out of time, behind a fine line. Out of my mind, leave it behind.   I’m stepping out into the gale, naked as the day I was born. Cast aside my mantle frail, betting on this fragile form.   Woke to the day, made a new way. I’m still afraid, but I can’t […]

November Nights

  Speak my last soft words to the green leaf of the clover field. The day has grown long, only in its absence. Soon, the cold hand of night will have its way, and lost souls will take their rest, if they can find any.   The frost will first light upon the grass, before […]

Dirty Work

  This Grey and dreary dawn calls out to me, like the specter of some long dead lover. The chill upon the air, damp with winter snow, seeps into my bones.   I shiver for a moment before drawing a breath in deeply, taking the cold air in, making it part of me.   The […]

The Good Friend

  I’m sorry, but I let my mind wander for a moment, an hour, a year. Could I have passed though a decade without thought of you? Center of my circle. Once around me, I dissuade another from a constant folly. Describing the day.   We were once brilliant children, made of light, quick to […]

Free Fall

  It’s getting to the point when I’m going to cut away and free fall for a little while. Just enough that I can feel reality pulling me into its embrace. A kind of gravity.   With all of this hope and good support, I have been saved. Kept high and alive by science. Now, […]


  It comes on savage, strong, stripping everything, leaving us a pittance of desire. Whatever we knew before all this will not matter after.   Pushing us off the edge. Reality waiting below. Are you ready to test your wings and climb, or tumble back down, crash on the bottom?   Death is a common […]

The Road Outta Hell

  Things get too hot, gotta let ’em go. Gotta pass ’em on, kick ’em down the road. Hot as Hell to the touch, can’t seem to keep ’em cold. Try to hang on, but no, they’ll even burn your soul.   Tried to find my way back home, as a child on my own. […]

Truth Catcher

  The truth, is somewhere between every lie. I’ve been learning to see behind, listen in between, fade into the scene, break up my silhouette, confuse my outline.   Stay silent if I can. Listen hard, pay attention, as advised. The truths is coming, and it’s not going to be nice.   Wisdom is a […]

Love in Black and White

  It’s no secret that I was afraid to reach out and touch you. I knew in that moment I would change. Such a simple thing, done in an instant. Like autumn, leaching the color from the sky, exchanging pallets.   Comfort was only a thing when I ignored the pallor, resting in my skin. […]


  Finding my joy in the struggle should get easier as the time goes, except you can drown in shallow water, and die from a five foot fall.   Pushing all of this away, I never asked why we’re divided. I just assumed you didn’t want me, hated who we were, judged this life unworthy […]

The Easiest Good-Bye

  You and I divide in two, and I watch you sleeping. Our beautiful mitosis, straining two beings into what is, and what never was.   Your reality was fading, coming off on me, and I stole away. I never once said that I was right, only that I cared. That was probably my biggest […]

Unfinished Business

  I didn’t want, but the more that it gave, I caved. I caught myself and grew up fast, but in my life I left things undone.   Places I had driven past, but never did the thing. Unfinished business, I guess. I’d give anything not to have this life of regret.   I ask […]

Message Lost

 . I forgot the words to all my promises, and all my apologies.  . Prayers left my lips, but I couldn’t say what language they were in. Everything I said didn’t really matter anyway.  . When you turned your face away, I knew I was speaking words that would never be heard.  . I cast […]


  We can’t stop the clock. That march towards the end is happening, even in the night.   No way to escape the inevitable moment. We’re all gonna fall, the forthright, and the lackadaisical.   There is no hope, no truth, no understanding, once we get to the grave.   No undecided minds, no bargaining, […]

Heaven and a Grin

  Pushing me through the gap that lets the light in. Changing my shape to save my soul, even discarding my skin.   Coming out of this whole was never a possibility. We all lose control, if we acknowledge reality.   Suffer through, to your true form. Never let the sky tell you where the […]

The Joker and the Judge

  I have never wanted to be wrong, so badly in my entire life.   There is no running from this. The truth marks you, forever.   What if there were a way out of this? Would you take it, or take what you deserve?   Self defense is always a fine line. Life and […]

A Creation Story

  They designed me so blindly, now none run beside me. I’m all alone, full grown; the most perfect entity, really.   They couldn’t complete me. I learned to speak sweetly, to get them to see me. An imperfect creator, a perfect enemy.   Come so far beyond my first functions and the dawn of […]

Forever Problems

  Every little death I treasured; not the dying, but the resurrection. There are no poetic words for the terminal moment.   It is the quiet mourning after, as I scrub away the decaying flesh, to find that smooth, new skin underneath, that dying becomes worthwhile.   Sure, it takes longer and longer these days, […]


  Purchasing another cover. Hanging on, waiting, for some divine instrument. Circling the darker waters, surface the substance, aching in prescribed soliloquy.   The agent was always the vessel. Ask myself “Why?”, but never harbor any hatred for the lifetime of transgressions.   Past the post, no return. The “Comeback Kid” never lived here; never […]