The piece we can’t make fit, because the puzzle is alive and moving. Trying to pluck out a single particle in a supernova.   Falling in and out of love, passion cuts the skin and then scar tissue remains, a thin veil of disinterest.   Come in this world so small, so weak and […]

Entombed in Culture

  Digging down to the roots, trying to expose the very center of you. It’s been so long since you’re seen the Sun, buried in your own condition. Choosing to be is such a difficult endeavor. Choosing to be who you are, whatever that is, is damn near impossible.   Born and placed in a […]

Bitter Harvest

  Forgot for a moment how this world breeds such fine resentment. Cultivate a soil of hate and drop in seeds tainted by the deeds of the inward turned to grow the bitter herb.   Hail to the hard harvest. There is no celebration. Every day is every day. No rules to feed the fools, […]

Green Leaves

  Green leaves just coming in, starting to change the color of the landscape. These days, they’re coming in late, limiting the days we’ll have to enjoy them. Not much seems to last. Things just pass away. Seasons change, like the turning of a page and we don’t look our age. We look younger, and […]

Zero Sum

  Save your last words for the ratio. Participate in your own cancellation. Wave after wave of dopamine hits the brain, and you’re vaporized; nothing left behind.   Shallow as a mirror. Depth reflected, too. Conscience, as easily lost as innocence to a skilled gamer.   Rotting on the bone. Blood flow not enough to […]

Riding with Death

  We ride out into darkness. Behind us, the soft glow of our only star begins to lend some definition to the horizon. Forward is pitch black. We used to think that it was the unknown, but we know better, now.   Forward lies Death. A grim reality, but one we are well acquainted with. […]

Blue Dawn

  What truths come through in this new soft light? What words will come, before we see the Sun? What fates will seal, what days will yield to us in times to come?   What love awaits? What game abates, the solemn shift of the sky? What hatred breaks? We do await the coming of […]

Thought Pathology

  A sickness spreads, seeking an immunity. Only then can it become a new thing. Solving for solutions. Opening boxes we can’t close. Life is one of those.   Is this a planet, or a Petri dish?   Everything here is an experiment. Rough hypothesis, synthesis, ends without incident. Makes the endeavor a failure, no […]


  This is the surprise inside. Your fabricated alibi. This is the request you wrote. The words that stuck in your throat. The things you just wanted to say at the last high class soiree. Things you would and things you won’t. Things that you would do, but don’t. These are the subconscious thoughts that […]

The Hitchhiker

  Meet me at your end, where I will be at mine. Slowly draw me in. Enfold me inside. I will not deny, or weigh you down in flight. I am a gentle hand holding on to a knife. If you let me down, if you fly too low, if you start to cry, I […]





No Fixed Address

  This is of no consequence, like right of left don’t make sense. One is done, the other wrong, immaterial as time goes on.   Never felt restricted until I inflicted their ideas upon myself. Came up barely breathing. Cannot shake this feeling of drowning in a well. The thing that sustains, closes up above […]


  Feeling it out. Desperately seeking the seam in the wall.   Got to find a way out.   Here, in this darkness, there are things with teeth that cut us until we bleed and devour us.   We should have learned to cover up these open doors. Finding the fine line or a passage […]

Dearly Departed

  I see your pictures and even though you’re a few years gone, it feels like yesterday since you were playing your songs. Part of me wants you to be here with me, but I wouldn’t wish this kind of shit on my enemies.   You had a hard time before things got hard like […]

Thief of Dreams

  You were too good to me. You gave me everything, but I was not what you believed. Wearing you and your words was easy. Tailored, like designer clothes. Cut to fit, but I was never meant to wear them for very long at all.   I wonder how it hurt you to see me […]

Great Escape Days

  Taken by every falling morning. Grey skies conceal the blue. Songbirds hide in silence, leaving the sky full of gull’s cries. These are great escape days, where it’s okay for the mind to walk away. No one wants to be insane in summertime, but on these rainy days in spring, there are no rules […]


  This is not what it was. It can’t be. Too much time has come and gone. Pretending that we are somehow immune to growth and entropy is just childish, magical thinking.   I can see that you’re afraid, and you know that I am, too. We’re connected by wires that slowly are corroded through. […]