Loss and The Quantum Dreamer

    I lost a dream; one that I hoped I’d keep forever. Not sure where I misplaced this part of me, a possibility that I have hung on to for so long.   Now, when I lay my body down, to move between this world and the infinity of could-have-beens, where all things gone […]

I Told You So

  I wanted to speak to you; just a few words, to tell you you were right all those years ago when you said I’d found a way to ignore all the people that cared, so that I could chase my own desires and that one day it would cost me all the most precious […]

The Flood

The water’s coming up. Yeah, that old Spring thaw. Brought rain from the mountains, more rain than we had seen in a long time.   In the night, the river overflowed its banks, washing way homes and people and dreams.   It’s easy to underestimate the power of water. One drop from the sky, one […]

Wretched & Reckless

I strung myself along dark precipitation streets, flecked with the feckless, the wretched, the reckless. The starry eyed denial that could not tell the difference between the rain and the tears on her cheeks.   I took the night in silence. The sound of yesterday’s rage still ringing in my ears. I was a child […]


I cannot give myself anymore, there’s nothing left inside. Just a ghost I was before, now I realize that I have died. I’ve lost my disguise, now I cannot hide like I did when I was the only thing you would need.   I was below and above and the answer to your dreams, yet […]


If I touch you, can I heal you? If I reach you, will you hear? If I speak with words of comfort, will it take away your fear? If I lay down on your death bed, hold your hand just for a while, will you rise up to walk with me, or pass on with […]

A Smile & A Wave

I am reaching out to you without using my hands and you do not respond. All my words and thoughts of you were useless all along. I should have embraced you, once again, but you were gone. This is the price we pay, when we wait too long.   I could never explain why we […]

Now I’m a Believer…

I never used to believe in Hell.   Until all I could do was watch you, as you were laying on the floor, shedding tears, for days that would never be. I could see no wounds, but they were there; deep and ugly. Jagged tears in vital parts of you.   All I could see […]

Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way, than this cold dark life that I myself designed and when she looks, I turn and walk the other way; forsaking all I love, but she don’t mind.   It might never make a difference to you, but it does to me. I’ve walked away from […]

Time Line

Time will draw a line between us, as we vie for acceptance, getting what we beg for and then smiling proud with promise.   Once I heard the rush of the life blood in your veins, ever since the touch, you seem further away. Drew up your plans for success, prayed for love and life […]

Never Together

Crossing over, no way home. Hope has died, left me alone. I’ve tried to identify with her and I cry as she tells me of another.   Rejected with a laugh, feel like a fool. Wish I could keep her away, instead I break the only rule I haven’t crossed. Fucked up and lost.   […]

Jacob’s Ladder

I come tumbling down Jacob’s Ladder again. My world crumbling now, with each rung I descend. I would spend eternity in every hell, if it could mean Paradise for you; and smile with the certainty that sacrifice gives only to a few. This world doesn’t see you as I do, I will die in love […]


Forget we ever met. Draw the curtain down on this short time, banish it from your mind. Take the surer bet. I’m sure in hindsight’s eyes you’ll draw a blank an smile. No need for this immature man, as childish as anyone can – be. No memory of this will set you free. Hold on […]

The Nothing

Seeming to drag on,  but it don’t stop. No influence one way or another. Anxiety and ambition smothered, all the way from the top. In these uncertain moments, these dark and deadly days, any movement could be disaster; this is when doing nothing pays. No need to worry, or even feel sorry. The Nothing’s so […]

Full Circle

Smell of your perfume, curve of your hips, touch of your skin, taste of your lips. Each little memory adds to the hole, leaves me so empty beyond my control. This is nothing new, I’ve felt this before. In the throes of frustration I’ve beat at your door. Hold no candle to you, darken my […]

Trick of Light

I’m waiting for her shadow to finally leave my wall. Hers is the darkest wraith and it seems to want to darken my whole world. Ever run ’round and ’round in circles? You have, but never realized. All of your fake make-up foundations fall apart in morning’s light. She who blocks my sun. Oh, she […]

Coffee in November

I am caffine incarnate. I am the irresistible November morning’s frost filled visage; transfixed in the warp and weft of intricate melodramas playing out on the grande stage of my front window. These are days for shuttered, locked in vagaries; rummage through old closets for winter clothes and end up finding memories more moth eaten […]

Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone

Come out from admidst your beautiful menagerie and walk with me between vast spaces and I shall show you all of creation. Hear me, and put adside a child’s vision be no more of one world, but of all worlds; for you were never made to be a fixture. You, of feminine skin grew with […]