ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Shuffle Play – Hokus Grey A lifetime ago (at least it feels that way) I spent some time hanging around musicians and fancied myself a bit of a singer songwriter. I was young and full of dreams and even though after a few years the dream died under the weight of life's vagrancies, I still … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22   This is a piece about war. How war is always with us. Violence is a close kin to us. Every one of us seeths with it, just under the skin, but afraid to let it out. Warriors are those who learn how and when to apply violence. War is their tattoo, their identity, … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22

ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

We change. What we were is subsumed by our present being and the thing we are is not the thing we will become. We are transitory creatures, evolving, dying, and being born again, day after day throughout our lives. We can grow to become strong and benevolent, or we can wither and writhe under the … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

Happy Halloween

Here are a few of my favorites. One, "The Monolith", which was written in homage to the late, horror author and cult mythos creator H.P. Lovecraft. The second is a perennial favorite of mine, which I share every Halloween, "The Vampire" by Lord Byron. Have a safe and scary Halloween!

Reblog Wednesday – “Haunting” A piece about how we exist outside the world, or the lives of others, until they need us. Sometimes, I imagine that we are each in our own reality, separate and exclusive from each other, only allowing other people to enter our lives when we summon them. The good and bad people and spirits … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Haunting”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Fade and Sallow” What do we really know about each other? How far do we ever make it past the defense mechanisms and vain armatures we use to camouflage and defend ourselves? Even in love, and sex, and conflict, we see only what we present to each other. Rarely does the mask slip, and usually when it … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Fade and Sallow”

Reblog Wednesday – “Life Proof” A piece from August 2018, exploring our conflict with violence, tragedy, and fate. Our conclusion is inevitable, and it seems that conflict and friction are common driver's that both harrow us, and move us ahead. Can we really move ahead without conflict? Can we outwit our fate? Is it in our power to manage … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Life Proof”

Reblog Wednesday – “Timelines”

A piece about how we deal with time and how we learn to feel the world around us and react to it. Timing is everything. The difference between a killer joke and a dive bomb, a home run and a strike, a perfect shot and a missed kill. There's no substitute for good timing. It's … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Timelines”

Reblog Wednesday – “People Face”

A little something for those who feel the need to detach and find some separation from all the madness of the world. Sometimes, it's easy to feel like we don't belong to the same genus of homosapien as the rest of society. It's good to spend some time alone and get some perspective. It … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “People Face”