ReBlog Wednesday – “Coffee and Cigarettes”

ReBlog Wednesdays – “Coffee and Cigarettes” Coffee and Cigarettes – Hokus Grey It’s so cliché, it ought to be reviled, but it seeps into the soul hinting at deep mystery like a secret language. Anyone who has partaken in the ritual knows this to be true. It could be the late-night burn, the exclusive province … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Coffee and Cigarettes”

ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

  The Weight of Time and Place – Hokus Grey   Our past has weight. It’s heavy. Not like a rock we carry around, but dense like a star. Our past has gravity. It doesn’t just pull us backwards. It distorts our view of the present, as well as the future. We get so used … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

ReBlog Wednesday – “A Tiny Hell”

A Tiny Hell – Hokus Grey “Tiny Hell” represents some of the more introspective work I have done. I think a certain thing happens to a person when they get into their “middle age” and that is that they are able to somewhat more dispassionately reflect back on their experiences in life and begin to … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “A Tiny Hell”

Reblog Wednesday – “Asleep on a Train”

  What if life is the dream and death is waking, and we just move from dream to dream, life to life, never noticing when we wake up? A person falls asleep on a train. The train keeps moving while they sleep. Eventually, the train reaches its destination, and the person wakes and gets off. … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Asleep on a Train”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Lodestone”

Lodestone – Hokus Grey   We all carry it around. For some of us, it is small enough to fit into our pocket. Just a trinket. Some small reminder of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and the lessons learned. For others, it is a pebble in their shoe. A mere annoyance, that over time, … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Lodestone”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

July 2020 doesn't seem that long ago in retrospect, but when I try to place myself back there, the timeline seems chaotic and obscured. I recall a daily ritual of wondering what fresh hell would visit us each day. Chaos and a riot of emotions. COVID-19 countermeasures in full swing. Domestic terror from every corner. … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Runaways”

We have all wanted to run away. From who we are, a situation we're in, a job, a relationship, a place. We have all at some point just wanted to stand up, walk outside, and run until our breath or legs fail us. Or drive. Drive until the fuel runs out, or until we have … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Runaways”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Black Feathers”

. I have always been enamored with crows and ravens. Growing up in the mountains, I spent most of my time outdoors and always felt a close kinship with wildlife, including the local corvids. Perhaps it is the gleam of intelligence in their eyes, or their social structure, or their innate mysterious nature that is … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Black Feathers”

RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

The Winter Wars – Hokus Grey Winter is upon us. The holidays are past. We now are left with the aftermath of our festivities. The visits from friends and relatives, the indulgences of food, and booze, and consumeristic hedonism that tends to flow almost as readily as the Christmas Cheer. An end to carols and … Continue reading RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Atmosphere”

For this ReBlog Wednesday, I have selected a piece that I wrote back in 2019 that has a very elemental Air feeling. It has the expression of longing and yearning for lost love, or lost contact. The feeling of not being able to take a full breath, like being trapped underwater, or at a very … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Atmosphere”

ReBlog Wednesday – “The Oldest Joke in The World”

It's -40°C here this morning. -47°C with the wind chill. I haul myself out of bed at 04:30, shower and have coffee, all so that I can write this, before I head off to work in this nightmarish land. It's almost like being on another planet, but it pays the bills, and keeps the heat … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Oldest Joke in The World”

ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Another ReBlog Wednesday. This time coming out with a piece called "Hot War". This piece touches on the theme of "Comfort is Death". Winter cold drives us indoors and under the covers. Hardship makes us seek the mindless entertainment of the screens. Meanwhile, there are still people out there making sure that there is food … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

ReBlog Wednesday – “Sutures”

"Sutures" is a piece that I wrote in 2019. It describes the difficulty to trying to find a common thread to tie together the variant parts of life into a single, coherent existence. The past, the present, the future, all exist as separate entities. Love, death, pain, hope, these seemingly disparate parts of us make … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Sutures”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Shuffle Play – Hokus Grey A lifetime ago (at least it feels that way) I spent some time hanging around musicians and fancied myself a bit of a singer songwriter. I was young and full of dreams and even though after a few years the dream died under the weight of life's vagrancies, I still … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22   This is a piece about war. How war is always with us. Violence is a close kin to us. Every one of us seeths with it, just under the skin, but afraid to let it out. Warriors are those who learn how and when to apply violence. War is their tattoo, their identity, … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22

ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

We change. What we were is subsumed by our present being and the thing we are is not the thing we will become. We are transitory creatures, evolving, dying, and being born again, day after day throughout our lives. We can grow to become strong and benevolent, or we can wither and writhe under the … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

Happy Halloween

Here are a few of my favorites. One, "The Monolith", which was written in homage to the late, horror author and cult mythos creator H.P. Lovecraft. The second is a perennial favorite of mine, which I share every Halloween, "The Vampire" by Lord Byron. Have a safe and scary Halloween!

Reblog Wednesday – “Haunting” A piece about how we exist outside the world, or the lives of others, until they need us. Sometimes, I imagine that we are each in our own reality, separate and exclusive from each other, only allowing other people to enter our lives when we summon them. The good and bad people and spirits … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Haunting”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Fade and Sallow” What do we really know about each other? How far do we ever make it past the defense mechanisms and vain armatures we use to camouflage and defend ourselves? Even in love, and sex, and conflict, we see only what we present to each other. Rarely does the mask slip, and usually when it … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Fade and Sallow”