Mental Health Monday

Healthy routines can be the difference between a good mental state and a poor one. Unhealthy routines can slowly destroy us.

Lockdowns, incessant social media bombardment, financial and relationship stress and substance dependence,, can all add up and get us locked into a negative feedback loop that seems like an endless, downward spiral.

Break the cycle.

Add something to your routine. Do something different. Change up your work out, your diet, the music you listen to, just changing your surroundings for a short time can change your mindset. Heck, even trying a new flavor of ice cream will build new neuropathways in your brain.

To quote Iggy Pop: “Stay curious. Curiosity pays some interesting dividends.”

Much love, everyone!





Mental Health Monday – 06.07.21



Share your joy.

It matters.

Yes, it matters that you have found some tiny piece of this universe that made you smile. You deserve to be happy.

We’re not all that different. Sharing your joy with someone is to literally (I hate that word) multiply the amount of joy in the world by 100%

That is actually making the world a better place and that’s a pretty decent thing to do.

Be happy. Share it. It matters. You matter.

Have a great week.



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