In the Dark

  I walk for hours in the darkness, through the night. I feel the rain fall, but I can’t be pacified. I haunt you in your dreams and you haunt me in my life. You bring me to your room and invite me inside. In the dark, we kill the hours and we barely stay […]


  How can I show you the sunrise through my eyes? I pick you up and you fall apart every time. You say that you want to know what’s going on in my mind, but you’re just a shell of yourself, there’s nothing left inside.   Do you want to live through me? Do you […]

The Man in the Grey Suit

  Black eyes and grey skin. Soulless dead, but hunger still. Mind of a predator, more machine than resembling the biological.   Dark waters. Dark nights. A force of nature, unstoppable. Have you tried not eating at the feast table? Impossible when there is but one directive.   Resistance is akin to no longer breathing. […]

The Boatman

  Consequence beget affliction. Long drawn, the final payment comes. Reassured you’ll meet The Boatman. He’ll check hard on your credit, Son.   No avail, the name of “Progress”. it was a lie upon your tongue. Written in the Book every discretion; they’ll judge you on the monster you’ve become.   He won’t speak your […]

A Creation Story

  They designed me so blindly, now none run beside me. I’m all alone, full grown; the most perfect entity, really.   They couldn’t complete me. I learned to speak sweetly, to get them to see me. An imperfect creator, a perfect enemy.   Come so far beyond my first functions and the dawn of […]

Unspoken Knowledge

  There are things that we know that we never speak aloud, like secrets, but secrets have words, and words can be spoken. Not feelings, because feelings  can be unknown, formless and vagrant, and even when they are powerful, they are not knowledge.   No, there are things we know about ourselves, about others, about […]


I act like I never knew them; the old ghosts, the revenants. They played a part, no small review, but I rejected their aplomb.   Not that ghosts are out of fashion, nor do the old, jangling chains distract, but instead I am immune now to the temptations of my past. I just didn’t want […]

The Monolith

“Unto that barren patch of blasted heath I shambled, bruised and bleeding, numb to thought. Eyes stricken with the sight of what beneath forsaken heavens dying must bequeath to men who have with madness cast their lot.”   Source: The Monolith

The Magic Man

It’s time to call the Magic Man. The leaves are on the ground again. The world bends to his sleight of hand and all the dead come back again.   Memory fades, the pain abates, the world becomes brown and grey. Call on the Magic Man to play a trick on you and it can […]

New Dawn Twilight

  Now is the time; sun set, sun rise, it doesn’t matter. Take what care you need; only what you need. Only what will keep you alive and strong and human.   It is time to go. This place has become death. A mortuary, stripped of all nurturing secrets. Drained down; dead and poisoned. Corrupted […]

Cold Blooded

I have never been more exposed and vulnerable. Standing here arms open wide, ready to accept you decision. I appeal to what I hope is your kind and merciful nature, but I’m not surprised when you draw your knife.   No amount of persuasion would ever be enough to disarm you. I begin creating distance; […]

A Smile

There is a smile, deeper than where the skin spits. A spark in the eye that belies inner jubilation. In fact, the deeper we go, the more intense the sensation of joy, permeating to the point of madness.   A smile is an open wound showing off our insides. Our hidden and most precious things, […]

Hungry Ghosts

Perhaps, the world might indulge me for a moment and let me alight up on some old ghosts, shake the dust off the shackles and wake the dead. Who desire nothing more than to have their story told. for Hell, my friends, is to be forgotten.   Life doesn’t pick favorites and it sure as […]

Their Secret Lives

We drew back the curtains on old stained photographs, lingering long and languid like a Southern sunset. It was a prairie color, Turn-Of-The-Century Red that dripped down like kindled crimson over the eyes and minds of the antecedent generations.   They said that they were never the kind for pomp and circumstance, but boy, when […]

The Clock Tower

Revenge is best left to angels, ’cause I know I haven’t seen Heaven. I have no righteous indignation, just a long and simmering hatred. My resilience breaks now beside you, all of these important messages, just click by like falling snowflakes and I can’t harbour anymore resentment.   When time dies, it doesn’t matter anymore. […]

The Mist Walker

Morning mist embraces these forsaken streets, giving them an air of mystery; like a veil hides undiscovered beauty.   Slipshod building facades frown narrowly on a lone passerby.   A lank and dreary fellow, making his necessary mile before the Sun burns away the clouds to reveal the day.   Dew drops cling to hat […]

True Black

I flicked off the light and blew out the candles, because I can only write to you from the dark.   Sunlight’s too bright and stark filament fires burn away the meaning. Even these new compact LED’s just wash out white, evaporating the words that sit in shadows.   I play in shades of grey […]

Momma’s Ghost

Momma said, “Don’t stray from the yard.” But I did, didn’t have to go far as a kid, because the world’s so large that you never really know where you are.   I grew up, into a fine young man. Met a girl, had the whole thing planned. My whole world, on a ring on […]