Their Secret Lives

We drew back the curtains on old stained photographs, lingering long and languid like a Southern sunset. It was a prairie color, Turn-Of-The-Century Red that dripped down like kindled crimson over the eyes and minds of the antecedent generations.   They said that they were never the kind for pomp and circumstance, but boy, when […]

Travellers and Grave Robbers

I thought it was obvious, even through my calm, detached demeanor; that I was handing on only by my fingernails. Couldn’t you read the screams in my eyes? Surely every time I smiled you could hear me yell “Help Me!”.   Trapped in a long gone metaphor; I’m sorry I didn’t have any more clues […]

Paradise in the Aftermath

Don’t ask me about love. Don’t ask me what it’s like to be one and one with another, because I don’t remember. All I have are memories of enemies.   Don’t ask me what it is to live. Don’t ask me what it’s like to taste life. To take in to yourself all of creation. […]


I turn on the light and I am greeted by a thousand tiny reflections, each shining their little light back at me. I close my eyes and open them again, certain that once, I was greeted with a single, solid image, but I am crestfallen to behold only a thousand pieces of my shattered reflection. […]

Terrify Intrepid

Do you believe? Do you wonder? Does the fire repel you, or entice you? Can you imagine free-falling into the sky? Does gravity protect you, or restrain you? Do you have to kill yourself to feel alive?   There is a certain type of person who can exist without this place. Six sides of reality […]

Winter of The Raven

Snow covers the ground and now the Earth may keep her secrets for another season. The songbirds have gone; replaced by the fat, black Raven. His long, wicked beak probes and penetrates, seeking carrion in the new world.   This is a world where all things die and we used to bury our dead, but […]

Praying To The Wrong Sky

I’ve known the cold. I’ve held the faded and the empty. I’ve spent a lifetime getting up off my knees, but is it the whisper of fate? Is this the crucible that tempered me?   Sometimes I’m thinking that I have had my head in the clouds; praying to the wrong sky. Sometimes I turn […]

Shit Talker

I hear you want to be rich. I hear you want to be known. Well, I hear life is a bitch and then you die all alone. You’re saying how you’re so bad, a real criminal type, but you just flirt with the devil, then run on back to the light.   Trust me, you’re […]


She smells so good, some kind of strawberry memory. All of my senses fall for her snare, exquisitely trapping me in her orbit.   She sits right across from me, that alone speaks volumes and from a distance of only a few feet, I might as well be a far off satellite.   I analyze […]

Ghosts of Wayward Lovers

All of my desires, all my fires, my life, my heart, the will to lift my eyes higher, are far away. Apart from me.   My soul is a wandering sparrow. My path is narrow, countenance harrowed, but I will follow them wherever they go.   Living the sentence of a ghost, condemned to haunt […]

Ashes and Hateful Interludes

Time was a line and I was the one who cut it. Severed the only link I had to you. I watched the passion in your eyes turn to ashes and never thought to learn a thing or two.   You arrived, the picture of emotion. The look upon your face was painful, too. Just […]

The Law of Dreaming

You seldom come this low, down below. Where visions show and travelers embrace the smoke. These halls of all that is, has been and ever will be; you lose yourself in me, however temporarily.   I hold a mirror to you, when it breaks it shows a shower of unfamiliar faces, each with a fleeting […]

There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

I’m going to deny everything and suppress the hollow threat against me. There are no ordinary ways to claim your way back home. I haven’t been back in a while, but I know that the streets still smell like something old and rotten. Broken promises, fermented tears and fallow gardens.   I’m giving up on you […]

What Purpose?

I have been playing dead out of fear that the behemoth of time and duty will take me.   I have been feigning death, in hopes that the monster of my life will simply pass me by.   A childish man, hiding under the proverbial covers, safe only from imaginary boogeymen, but not from life. […]

Made In My Image

I held out an open hand trying to touch the world. I passed right through, I always knew it was an illusion. I cut myself and tried to bleed, since death is the only certainty; I was only so surprised to see wires and circuitry.   It turns out I am an illusion, too, Learning […]

The Comedian

Come back Funny Man, you left us to our tears. Smile resurrector, you left us far too soon. Gone when we needed you, you’re still around, but you don’t smile anymore. The weight of the everyday tragedy beat a frown into your brow.   You were the never ending sanctuary, where we would go to […]

My Inglorious Fate

Time, like water, only runs down and runs out. Might as well say I’ll stay thirsty and late. I’ve avoided the law of the man, of the gods, now I’m left here sitting at the gate.   Rode the storm and boy, it was a long one. Wandered the desert and paid with lovers and […]

Old Lizard Man

Under still, morning starlight, heart bright, the soul of the desert exudes heat, still lingering from the day in the ice blue night. Stretching out, long, like an old lizard, soaking up that ground heat and keeping an eye out for hawks.   Here among the rocks, out on the long, low plateau, in a […]

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given […]

Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember, You say you forget. The words of the devil, whispering regrets. You’ve come so far, so far, so close you have kept; pain and a memory is all you have left.   Who is it that took you down? Who is it that put you on the ground? Who would you […]