The Dark

Every night I lit a candle, warding off the dark. I wondered what was going on, in the blackness standing stark. One night I let the candle die and the dark encompassed all; I was greeted by the Lord of Night he was fearsome, dark and tall. I asked him a question, of what was […]

Of Brilliant Moments

I am more myself than ever, back up on the horse again. Seeing the endless possibilities stretching out like fields of stars before me. I can see each individual moment and where it leads. My mind is ready finished preparations, for its purpose,        its moment. For every idea possible is a human light, waiting […]

I’m Empty

So sick of forgiving myself for me. I know that it’s somewhere the peace that I seek. Holy of holies, maker of things, sister take cover and see what time brings.   Oh, I am empty slit my throat, I will not bleed. My favorite enemy I can see in me.   So sick of […]


Hello, I’m a little bit confused. Can you help me sort out what I feel? Years have gone by and still the same things leave me wondering, leave me grasping at a memory of what was really real.   Remember all the nights, scared and lonely, helpless; now where has all the pain gone? Leaves […]


Had this crutch since I was 13, don’t think I could give it up now. Born free, but I lost touch, with the world. Needed to keep myself down somehow. Crutch breaks, but I don’t fall; I rise up off the ground. Connection severed lines kept me down. I remember now,                  I was born […]

As I Am

A slouched man sits defeated      at a table all alone his back weighted with pounds                        of closeted skeletons. A woman walks across the scene                 no looks are given                 no one knows her name                 she knows not where she goes. A child plays and laughs                 with shining eyes                 […]

Just For You

Give a little faith, I know I’ve got a little just for you. Taste a little pain, just to show yourself that you’re strong; just a little, just for you.   I  knew that one like you was a little smarter than all these drunks, fuckin’ punks you knew you knew more than that. I […]

Learned Eyes

Blank pages say more to a trained eye than ever did a one covered in words to who is blind. Crossing the subliminal into a world of imagination, that exists because of us. It’s there if we will let our souls see beyond what blinds us, to the words on the blackened pages of the […]

Way Back When

Remember, oh, so long ago; when what was wanted fed the lust for life? You and I searched out each other, sleep we’d seek, under cover. Waning want conceals the deepest pain. So it was when we were, now I’m left with burned out images of her. Make it want, so it feels, so it […]

Full Circle

Smell of your perfume, curve of your hips, touch of your skin, taste of your lips. Each little memory adds to the hole, leaves me so empty beyond my control. This is nothing new, I’ve felt this before. In the throes of frustration I’ve beat at your door. Hold no candle to you, darken my […]

Expose Yourself

I have no protecting outer layer. Exposed to the world as I am, I remain. This dissuades me not to reach out to the world and those around me for the necessities; human survival instinct. Truth is abstract and ambiguous; faith is so easy. My hand above the flame will burn, the sun will appear […]

All The Mother

Return of the darkness to soils of being. Desecration, madness resulting. The maker of sin, now morals are gone again.                 Feelings left, now roots are wilted.                 Killed the leaves begin to fall.    Our Sun’s madness            drains the life                      from our sacred ground.   HG – 1995-2000


Sleep. Back of my head slowly goes numb stomach turns inside out.   Lust. Serving the nerve, dead to the world, simply now I am nothing.   In side out I die   Shifting the sun, see the new way, split my head up and maybe you can get some   Stay. I’m too naked […]

Death of a Way of Unliving

And so it begins, as one of me dies another takes its place. As torn limbs and loves      grow stronger amidst my own demise. I wandered through the ruins,    trying to descry what I had been. Here and there   a shaded memory  survives. I know if I disturb them        they’ll dissolve. […]


Feeling more alien than human, so far removed from who I am. An explorer in a sea of endless life and dying.  Living as I go. Oh, I feel alive, though not in any way I’ve ever known. This world shows so much, not all of it beautiful. The face plant, the soft touch; alive, […]

What it is to be Alive

Movement in my cells. Blood in my veins. Breath in my lungs, from my balls to my tongue; a feeling I cannot tame. So this is what it’s like to be alive. A biological enigma, nurturing  this stigma, ’til the motions in the muscles stop and I die.   Thoughts race through my mind. Emotions […]


A slow shift, back and forth from consciousness.                 Drifting further on now reverse and still. Kept as is.                 The sleep is here. Away and flow                 sliding back no gravity to hold. Close the eyes,                 the motion is in sleep.   HG – 1995-2000

No Destination

Wandering. Not without a place to stay, but without a place to go to. No destination. Life is lived until a point, when what is there does not suffice to sooth, comfort and make the world  loved. No security. No destination. A place to go is needed; to say the least, a world away. My […]

Last Goodbyes

Crawl my way up, now it’s morning time. Waking up sucks when she doesn’t arrive. It’s hard to awake not knowing that she’s in your arms. Say goodnight, to our intertwining fate. Her love is slowly turning to hate. No love on her tongue and there’s tears in her eyes and I fear that it’s […]