Hungry Ghosts


the world might indulge me for a moment

and let me alight up on some old ghosts,

shake the dust off the shackles

and wake the dead.

Who desire nothing more

than to have their story told.

for Hell,

my friends,

is to be forgotten.


Life doesn’t pick favorites

and it sure as heck doesn’t discriminate

who gets lifted up

and who gets smashed down.


life is a crap shoot

and these days are no different.


I think the bloom’s come off the rose,

just a little bit.

Folks don’t keep those precious social contracts

held in high esteem anymore.

These days,

it’s a whole lot of

“Everyone’s for themselves”.

Who’s going to know these new ghosts,

if they never knew their neighbor?


It seems to me,

That a 30 second attention span

doesn’t lend itself well

to the building of friendships,

so if we lose contact

and we fall apart

as cities,

as families,

as individuals;

then aren’t we just going to be

a whole lot of lost and wandering souls

in the next world?


I can’t think of anything

sadder than a lost soul.

A ghost of the forgotten

and never known.

It’s quite possible,

that we’ll end up with a few

angry and even vengeful souls,

who hunger for in death

what they never had in life.

A connection with humanity,




and that can be downright terrifying.


I guess I ought to reach out

to a few more folks

in the coming days.

It’s good to let people know

that you’re thinking about them

and it’s good to know

that someone’s thinking about you, too.

That warm feeling

of love and recognition

staves off the hungry ghosts

for a little while longer.


We all need each other

and what we don’t have in this world

we damn sure won’t have in the next.


HG – 2017

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