The Magic Man

It's time to call the Magic Man. The leaves are on the ground again. The world bends to his sleight of hand and all the dead come back again.   Memory fades, the pain abates, the world becomes brown and grey. Call on the Magic Man to play a trick on you and it can … Continue reading The Magic Man

Hungry Ghosts

Perhaps, the world might indulge me for a moment and let me alight up on some old ghosts, shake the dust off the shackles and wake the dead. Who desire nothing more than to have their story told. for Hell, my friends, is to be forgotten.   Life doesn’t pick favorites and it sure as … Continue reading Hungry Ghosts


I don't remember how it felt to touch you. I don't remember my hands on your skin. Casting my mind back seems ineffective, I just end up here; alone again.   There's no knowledge of your face, or ministrations. There's no sense of the smell of your hair. My mind has lost some critical detail; … Continue reading Overexposed

Clearing in the Evening

Here in the fog we are all ghosts. We are islands, tied and bereft of others. Reach out your hands, reach out with your mind and now we're all just running blind. When we find each other we collide.   Where has the Sun gone? It used to burn free our vision; now we survive … Continue reading Clearing in the Evening

Post Apocalypse

We walk hand in hand down long, listless corridors, stopping to stare out of windows, sealed shut, air tight, against the deadly atmosphere. Clinical white walls save us from burning up. Injections bolster our immune systems against radiation and certain types of mutations, now common.   Endless corridors, clean and ordered. Purified air pumped in … Continue reading Post Apocalypse

Footsteps Like The Wind

What does it matter? Just let it all go. Fight the good fight, but don’t let it follow you home. Come in from the night, the cold and the dark; you’ve taken feeling discomfort and to being an art.   Whatever; just do whatever you want. We’ll be here when it all falls apart. Cleaning … Continue reading Footsteps Like The Wind