1000 Follows!

I’m not sure why any of us are here, but the fact that this blog has reached one thousand follows is such an amazing milestone. Thank you all, so much, for choosing to join me on this savage and wonderful journey into the written word. The only promise I can make, is that I will […]

Mental Health Monday

A few months ago, I started using memes from social media to start conversations around Mental Health. I found that people were very likely to post memes that reflected a feeling or emotion that they likely did not feel comfortable addressing explicitly. I found myself connecting with certain ideas and I thought that I would […]


It seems that I have been nominated for “Author of the Month” by the good people over at Spillwords. I am honored and humbled. If you want to vote for me you can do so here, until July 29th, 2021. https://spillwords.com/vote/ What a crazy adventure.

Personal Best

This was kind of a big deal for me. Yesterday, my website was accessed by humans and robots on every continent on planet Earth, except Antarctica, but penguins don’t read poetry, so fuck them. Finally cracked South America. Thank you, Ecuador! I’m guessing there isn’t a huge market for English language poetry, but I will […]


Well, I have finally gotten around to moving towards the objective that I have set out for myself. Over the past few years, as you all know, over 1700 pieces have been published to the Hokus Grey blog. In recent weeks, 2 pieces have been published with the Dark Poets Club and Spillwords and there […]


https://www.darkpoets.club/post/immolate This year I made a promise to myself, that I would start submitting some pieces for publication. I’ve never really been one for doing things the “right way”, but this seemed like a step that I needed to take as a writer. I submitted a few pieces, got a few rejection emails, submitted some […]

Hokus Grey is now on Patreon!

After much thought, I have decided that I would like to give my readers a way to support this blog, as well as my future creative endeavours. I have chosen to start a Patreon page to allow for access to exclusive content that will not appear on the Hokus Grey WordPress page, as well as […]

Thank You!

The Hokus Grey blog is 7 years old today.   Thank you all for coming here and reading these strange words; the good ones and the not-so-good ones. I have very much enjoyed sharing all of this with you. I will do my best to keep writing.   Thanks again!   -HG  

The Long Wait

The ante room, back behind the counter of the old livery, held a secret. Something old and forgotten, but not lost; just waiting. Time isn’t a thing to worry about when one is timeless. The O’oaldedron sat in a corner, under and old desk, covered in cobwebs, and dust, and rags, waiting. Its day was […]


Step down, into the land and feel the soul of the Earth alive beneath your feet. Slip into frigid waters, clear as your first birthed vision and let the true nature of the universe penetrate your being.   Neither alive, nor dead, or even in between. A ghost, a revenant, a divine spiritual frequency resonating […]


The poem “What May Come” is the first of the 2019 calendar year. I am looking forward to bringing lots of new content to the blog this year and to take you all further into the strange and wonderful world, as it passes through my mind. Thank you all for hanging on tight enough not […]


I don’t have time for this, this magic moment, surprising it’s soft and lost in the afterglow.   It was never about the act, the swale, the tongue, the improvising; this was always an artifact, proof of our civilization.   Come to me. Lay next to me. Stare at the sky, decoding the clouds and […]


It’s a trap, meant to lure you in. Soft speaking, light and smile, but not the kind that shows how sharp those incisors are.   Snake-like, behind the eyes. Every motivation like the rippling current. Hold your hand and drag you under. There are some embraces worth dying for.   Hold me down like opiates, […]


I gave it all to her, you know, about as good as anyone. Remember how I walked her home, miles from my own in the dead of winter? Then I had to make the return trip and God, did I get cold. I kept telling myself, “Her love will keep me warm.” and it did, […]


Your dark eyes and tousled, long, dark hair always drew me in and you smelled like chrysanthemum and exotic spiced.   I, who was just a boy, didn’t know your charms were not intended for my kind, but yet you shared them.   Adept fingers touched and drew me out and I fumbled enthusiastically, which […]

1000 Posts

Today I published my 1000th post to the Hokus Grey Blog, as anticlimactic a milestone as one could expect, but a significant one, nonetheless. I hope you all have enjoyed these pieces and I promise that they will keep coming. Writing is less a choice for me than it is a necessity of life. Like […]


We let Autumn take the rainbow, take the sky, silence the cries. We let our children uncover secrets buried under the leaves we left behind.   Spun like a spider, hid like a viper, we left our hardness to rust and linger. I think we hoped that time would soften what we could not withstand. […]


There’s no more devil on my shoulder and my angel is long gone, even my dreams have turned to humdrum, I lift my head and carry on. I give short shrift to the apostles of another, loving dawn; it’s pay to play in the their new castles, crowded house and rousing song.   I exit […]