Son of The Holy Mountain

  Cold water king. Blood of the Holy Mountain, crystal clear, except for when it rages, smashing falls through the canyons. This is the place you made, the only inheritance you had. Fatherhood for you consisted of a sunrise and a sunset and no boundary in between. So strange now, that I have found myself […]

Kill The Lights

  Kill the romance, in the cold of night when the fog sets in, low over the ground. Bury our sin. Conceal our irrelevance. The ones the world creates only to discard.   Kill suburbia. Life in chloroform. Impotent, sedated and compromised. Never lift a finger, but to point it at the screen and say, […]

The Last Lost Soul

   Abstain from the hero’s journey. Let salvation be realized, not through torment after torment, but through divine forgiveness. Sitting up in the clouds, an old soul on a holy mountain. Will you find yourself a fine judge of sin? Connoisseur of hedonisms, let the levee break to drown your sorrows. Cultivate an inner mediator […]

Diesel and Bar-B-Que

  Plot me a course somewhere far away. No anchor and no compass, just the stars to guide me. Wind in my sail, or single stage solid fuel rocketry. How I get there doesn’t matter to me.   It’s time to escape. Things are getting weird. Like living in an apartment and the walls are […]

English Manor Garden

  Watching the flowers bloom. It never even crossed my mind, that by the time their colors would come in, it would be too late for us.   I’m okay with watching things die. Emotions always take a back seat to utility, but watching things grow; man, that’s where it gets tough.   Pain and […]


  Leave all your time outside in the rain. Let the sky wash it clean again. So much old dirt gets piled on us over time, that we get buried deep, before we can even try to make life right, to fix the wrongs, to do what we should have been doing all along.   […]

Peace Country

  Peace River baptism, that slow, winding, brown water mother gives life, protects and defines this high place. Sometimes it seems we look down on the mountains. Then others, seem like a mountains heart. The windswept cold of these high, sub-arctic plains mimic the world. Hot as Texas in summer, cold as Siberia in winter. […]

Manufacture Date

  Passive and indolent. A bright hue, a closed circle. Meaning meaning nothing, but a conflict. Catch a fire inside you. No hope, no innocence, just rough contrarians and bile. Ask a question get a serpent. Touch a truth, infection becomes beauty. The fashionable pock marks. Skin, discarded, disposable. Temptation, more a pastime than a […]

The Door in The Darkness

  At the end. Stumbling upon a new beginning. Like being in a dark room and moving around, until we finally find a wall. Pre-defined edges, limitations, are a blessing in the absence of perspective. Perceptions shift and the imagination creates monsters in the abyss, while the rational mind explains away the real ones. Feel […]

Icarus Inbound

   Captive of probability. Stacking the odds against you. Each turn of the card binds your fate, ever certain. Each sunrise carves your name deeper into your tombstone, until no act of God, or nature can remove it.    Ride high on your shining chariot. Emblazon the sky with your egregious sins and know that […]

New Dreams

  Trying not to see yesterday in my eyes. Trying to keep room for new dreams in my mind. Every morning when I step outside, there is space and time for something new, something better.   I’m not the one I was. I left who I was above, when I flew on scarlet wings, and […]

East Coaster

  All of this becomes so necessary, every imperfection and contradiction. All the sames slip into the place, seamlessly blending in to a dull horizon. There used to be a chair out by the old boathouse. You could sit and watch the morning come. Often, it would look like you were there, but as I […]


  Drown me out with your expressions of love, of fear, of sadness. Let my disorder dilute its venom in wave after wave of you.   I am in love with you. Not just you, but the very idea of you. I am stripping off my armor, that I might experience you more closely.   […]


  Staying alive is the only trial of the night. The judges wilt in the first rays of morning’s light. Daytime, all we want is to live. Find the words to tell the world what it is to be here. Simple things mean so much. Complicated messages corrupted in the translation. It’s not very hard […]


  There is nothing to compare this to. No past, no future. Everything an in-between; no Genesis, no Revelations. Just constant animosity set against unquestionable beauty.   There are no words to describe this place that do it justice, yet we feel compelled to try. Paint the sky, a holy vision. Divide the horizon, sky […]

Cigarettes and Summer

Early evening sun drapes lazy over the trees, splashes down between the houses, like a careless painter’s mistake. I wander listlessly, wondering how we got to now without the stains of our pasts all over? Take a breath just after you’ve passed. Decade away, but the air this time of day still takes me back […]

Art in Existence

  This is a prayer whose words have been drowned out in the maelstrom.   This is a song whose melody has been shattered by the strike of iron on iron.   This is a dance whose movements have been bound and tied, and broken.   These are words that may never be heard.   […]