Icarus Inbound

   Captive of probability. Stacking the odds against you. Each turn of the card binds your fate, ever certain. Each sunrise carves your name deeper into your tombstone, until no act of God, or nature can remove it.    Ride high on your shining chariot. Emblazon the sky with your egregious sins and know that […]

New Dreams

  Trying not to see yesterday in my eyes. Trying to keep room for new dreams in my mind. Every morning when I step outside, there is space and time for something new, something better.   I’m not the one I was. I left who I was above, when I flew on scarlet wings, and […]

East Coaster

  All of this becomes so necessary, every imperfection and contradiction. All the sames slip into the place, seamlessly blending in to a dull horizon. There used to be a chair out by the old boathouse. You could sit and watch the morning come. Often, it would look like you were there, but as I […]

Mental Health Monday – 06.20.22

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness Presence. Being. We can’t achieve anything until we learn how to exist properly. Easy, right? Sure. Are we our thoughts and our emotions?Are we our actions and their effects?Are we random protein chains and amino acids hurling through space in an ever-expanding universe we don’t comprehend?Are we children of God? Who are we? […]


  Drown me out with your expressions of love, of fear, of sadness. Let my disorder dilute its venom in wave after wave of you.   I am in love with you. Not just you, but the very idea of you. I am stripping off my armor, that I might experience you more closely.   […]


  Staying alive is the only trial of the night. The judges wilt in the first rays of morning’s light. Daytime, all we want is to live. Find the words to tell the world what it is to be here. Simple things mean so much. Complicated messages corrupted in the translation. It’s not very hard […]


  There is nothing to compare this to. No past, no future. Everything an in-between; no Genesis, no Revelations. Just constant animosity set against unquestionable beauty.   There are no words to describe this place that do it justice, yet we feel compelled to try. Paint the sky, a holy vision. Divide the horizon, sky […]

Cigarettes and Summer

Early evening sun drapes lazy over the trees, splashes down between the houses, like a careless painter’s mistake. I wander listlessly, wondering how we got to now without the stains of our pasts all over? Take a breath just after you’ve passed. Decade away, but the air this time of day still takes me back […]

Art in Existence

  This is a prayer whose words have been drowned out in the maelstrom.   This is a song whose melody has been shattered by the strike of iron on iron.   This is a dance whose movements have been bound and tied, and broken.   These are words that may never be heard.   […]


  Here I am, throwing myself at the sky. Watching this fire die. Stirring the coals, urging my soul to fly.   All alone, but I made myself this way. I could have asked you to stay, and you would, because you’re good as the words you say.   I find myself fallen down, seeking […]

Sun Eaters

  We drink the Sun, expecting to be consumed, but we are bereft of the comfort it once provided. No more sinking into that warm cocoon, vaporizing off the Heliosphere. Whatever plan awaits, we reject. Shaking off an old orbit and losing the Moon. The other side of a sole, cold horizon, we find what […]

Peeling Atoms

  Struggling to breathe, to contain the rhythm of my heart beat. Take it down, now. Dive in, be slow. We’re gonna have to ride this out.   Hiding the fury of these emotions. Staying calm, while the tempest rages inside. You smile, and I smile, and I realize that what’s on the outside is […]

Time of The Deceased

  The greatest trick the Devil ever played was getting us to hate ourselves and the world we live in. Cursed misunderstanding. Perception, the color of a dawn fog. Eyes red, skin flakes, teeth gritting. Coming down from another distraction. Scars form. Cataract the mind’s eye. There are no more reasons. Reason is refuge, and […]


  This is not the path. I am not your savior. I’m every mistake you’ll make, until you find your way. You’re so vulnerable in the eyes of a predator. Watching you become strong, ready soon to meet the visitors.   Don’t hang one person’s body on the tree, and treat it like something to […]

1000 Follows!

I’m not sure why any of us are here, but the fact that this blog has reached one thousand follows is such an amazing milestone. Thank you all, so much, for choosing to join me on this savage and wonderful journey into the written word. The only promise I can make, is that I will […]

Perfect Morning

  Be beautiful, let the light persuade you to commit to the morning and shed the web of night. It’s true, you hide in the place that you reside. You know you’re told that’s where your head should lay, but your mind wanders away through this universe, and every possible moment, as if you cannot […]

Song for the Singular

  Careful with this, my only one. You are not delicate, but you are singular. There has never been, nor will there be another quite like you; you were made different. The world out there will tell you you’re the same as any of the others in their brood, but lies are cut in everything […]

Divine Particles

  There’s no stopping, now. Like the coming of a new day dawns, we are inevitable. Our phases, like the face of the moon, moving, but always towards us, never away.   Life never takes its eyes off of us. We stand, transfixed, even as we hurtle through a vast, dying cosmos in which we, […]