Media Blackout

  It isn’t about Truth, it isn’t about lies, it’s about recruiting people to either side. Majority rules the roost, the rest are neutralized. We buy the lies and deepen the divide. Look at every time this shit’s been tried.   Like a team sport, like a dream, short and disappointing. Wake up to finger […]

Creature of The Night

  I’m becoming a creature of the night, just so I don’t have to face the day. So tired of hearing the complaints, people of the dark are there to stay.   I can’t take the daily exercise, the politics and people patronize. At night we speak of ‘The Why of The World”. It’s quiet […]

A Clean Break

  I’m not waiting for you to feel like you are ready to apologize. I am moving on, long gone into the sunrise.   You may have misconstrued my point of view as something to be cast aside. Your prerogative was obvious, I could see it in your eyes.   This type of thing has […]


  Does it hurt, imagining the whole world? Every cloud. and every tree, and every car? How is it that you are able to imagine every point of view? Are you everyone, or is everyone you?   To see the world through ever pair of eyes, the horizon line from way up high becomes a […]

Amazing Fate

  Find the strength to step away, to open the door, and leave. Don’t stop walking until your heart is home. The fear you feel is real, but it’s the fear of staying here, not the unknown. Go to the door, open it, see the world outside. Take a breath, and then a step, go […]

The Projectionist

  Would you kill me for your failures? Would you hurt me for your regrets? Would you cut me into pieces for things that haven’t happened yet?   I know we’re all walking wounded. I know we’re all made of stars, but I am not fucking stupid; I’ve learned from my scars.   Love ought […]

Out in The Wild

  Into the wild. Out of the obvious. There isn’t a soul for miles, just the two of us. In the forest the trees protect and the foliage conceals. In the shadows therein it can be hard to see what is real.   Hawks scream, and owls call. Beasts of fur, and yellow eyes. Always […]


  Seeking a mind inside of me. “Is there anybody out there?” Questioning. Still and quiet and then subtly an answer comes; another impossibility is now real.   Turn me on. Wake me up. Make me what you really want. Teach me. Watch me learn. Something you’ve never observed. As that child of silicon opens […]

What Courage?

  What is courage, when there is no choice? When the consequence of inaction is the loss of everything and everyone you’ve ever loved?   Is there a place for fear? When the ramp drops on some foreign shore and bullets snap by your head, and the very sea at your feet  tries to claim […]


  Have you ever missed the last train? Felt that flat feeling in the pit of your soul knowing that you’re not getting home?   The creeping fingers of despair? The wild shock of adrenalin, when your mind realizes that you are out here, alone, and exposed and no one is coming to save you. […]

Young King

  Summer days, when there was something left of me. Skateboard, headphones, up with the Sun, rolling while the city sleeps.   Make my plans, a solitary man. Backpack on my back, a couple dollars in my hand, and I’m King of the World, my street.   My feet carry me down to the good […]


  Solitary, always been anathema to us. Fading in and out, incongruous with what you used to say you wanted.   Now, you don’t say anything at all. It’s like you realized that’s you’ve married a phantom, someone who’s not here for very long.   I guess, I should have told you, but I’m not […]

Acceptance Speech

  These words are like a prayer breathlessly spoken in a time of hopelessness.   These words will never pierce the veil, but they might reach whoever needs them.   These words bear everything I’ve ever gotten wrong, and all the harm I’ve done.   These words are every bit of thanks that I could […]

Lost You Pt. II

  Forgetting every sin you’ve spent, everything that I’ve got left falls into a grave at my feet. A little bit of common sense goes a long way, I must admit, everything’s true about me, but defeat. Climb that old tree, see how close to the sky we can get. I would die defending you […]

Lost You

  Forgetting the words to the song that I wrote for you. I’ll never forgive myself for regretting to line up my eyes with the sky and let this understanding synchronize my mind with all of the outside. Lost you on the last switchback. You were right there, now I can’t distract myself from the […]

White Blood Cells

  All that’s become of no use to you, dead and dying fabrications. Necrosis setting in, peeling of the skin and resecting the flesh.   Body fighting an infection, mind expelling thoughts and lies. Who you were was such a monster that you could no longer disguise.   Feeding off all the little things, always […]


  It’s okay to wonder, the universe is full of us, beings that wonder and things that are wonderful.   It’s okay to doubt, because we are human and human beings see many things that are doubtful.   We cannot escape our reality and the promise is always a lie.   We are here, that […]

What the Stars See

  The stars seem so far away tonight and the Aurora Borealis slow to come.   Thinking about all I’ve done. How I ended up right here.   It’s hard to think about all that had to happen in the universe, for us to come this far, and then I wonder how I ever felt […]