Burning in purple, you, engaging one. Filter my moments through the facets of experience. Couple with music and the soul that moves in the fire. I am a vessel completely for hire.   Ask me anything, I can speak with the look in your eyes. When you run out of questions, we can sit […]

The Trouble with Humans

  The future belongs to the flies and things that eat the dead. There’s nothing left of us, we withered where we once flourished. Couldn’t stand against the tide, couldn’t endure the rain, we were not who we thought we were, we lacked the strength and courage.   The trouble with humans, is we get […]

The Tomorrow Kind

  Putting it all together better than we were, but never a perfect picture, struggling to get it through. I heard you ask a question, didn’t have an answer, didn’t mention it was here, I just hadn’t learned the lesson, but, I d learn it all over for you.   I think it’s safe to […]

The Individualist

  I didn’t know if you could even hear me, so far gone, lost to the song.   You heard it and you walked away, the words and melody led you astray. You started moving to the rhythm, didn’t see your feet were taking you, in time with all the others, out of view.   […]

Almost Afraid

  Almost afraid to grip the pen and read what truths  it has to tell. What dreams it would describe to me, the nightmares I know all too well.   It seems to speak the language of my inner self, my shadow. Whispering things onto the page that I’m not sure that I know.   […]

No Enemy

  Don’t look away, this is the choice that you made, pushing everything you love into the grave.   Now, there is no apology that can repair the destruction you set in motion. Thought you’d laugh and laissez-faire, but what you bought with no emotion brought you another cross to bear.   Can’t undo the […]

Unknown Sky

  Engaging in a dream. Exercising the ephemeral. Transpire while sleep comes unopposed by waking.   Pushing through the waves that try to force me back to shore. I’m trying to find the impossible place.   Under an unknown sky, gazing up at strange lights, floating where the water’s calm, and I’m the only one. […]


  Every mirror shows a different me; infinite in possibility. Ask these walls, but they don’t care. Go out side and breathe the air.   I’m a natural disaster come to shore. I’m a debt collector at the door. I’m a memory sparked by a smell. I’m a secret you will never tell.   This […]


It seems that I have been nominated for “Author of the Month” by the good people over at Spillwords. I am honored and humbled. If you want to vote for me you can do so here, until July 29th, 2021. What a crazy adventure.

Just One Time

  A perfect picture in my mind. Always looking at the sky. Always watching the stars wondering where you are, or if you’re just in my mind.   Nothing seems to pacify my curiosity sometimes, saw you once for just a moment, now I can’t get past that line.   Watching out for you. Keeping […]

Silver Lining Broke

  Holding on to a silver lining, trying not to hand with too much rope drawn from another con. Finding another way to carry on.   This is the bright lights morning time. I’m here to face my demons, but they only come out at night and here there are just angels.   Crack my […]

Breaking Natural

  The world is gonna break you, that’s what it does. Even when we live in strength, it finds our flaws, and we can’t do anything at all, except try to survive. It’s why we bring a parachute to fall from the highest heights.   Mother nature takes her working fingers, forms them into ligatures […]

Throw-Away Dolls

  Tell me you are not afraid. Tell me you can’t feel the quiver and the shake of every foundation you’ve ever known, all that concrete and stone, suddenly not as strong as you thought it was before.   Let me tell you something; energy can make a liquid out of stone. Even the strongest […]


  Angry clouds, sullen skies. Imagining that I’m another space and time.   Lost again, questioning the meaning of it all, the life in everything.   Missed a turn, lost the game. Learned another lesson and forgot my name.   It’s such a shame these days, we have so much information, but don’t trust the […]

Birth Genesis

  Floating in the only dark I’ve known. Unaware of even my own existence. Comforted and carried in this, all encompassing emptiness. No reason to think that there is anything outside of this, no time, or space, or consciousness; reality won’t bear another.   Then, there’s a light. A single point and the moment I […]

Dancing Skeleton

  Your lips don’t speak what your eyes say. Your body tells me you’re afraid. but your fingers tell me everything.   There’s no hiding in there, the way you cut your hair, the clothes you wear, tattoos, piercings, too. I can read you like the cover of the New Review and there’s not much […]

Little House

  This little house, so far, we’ve made a home for us. A place where we are safe.   The world always creates things that we fear, and we always escape to our little house.   A home amongst the graves. A sanctuary in a war. How could we ever want more?   Then the […]