Greater Escapes

  Laying there, unaware. Day passes, I don’t care.   Feeling gravity pulling me down. Can’t seem to lift a leg or finger. Somehow I’m trapped, but I don’t mind. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.   If I stay here; I’m alright. If I can find the strength to break these bonds that hold […]

Step Right Up

  I tried my best to get away from the perfectly manicured sideshow. Terrible excuse for a game. Why even waste my time playing?   Polished punk rock, embraced the politics of mental illness. Bought and paid for slogans on an imported T-shirt, made in a country that would kill you for speaking out, but […]

Success and The Demons

  Feeling along the surface of my skin, looking for the edges, where I’ve been cutting and tearing myself again. Thought I was more than this. No rationalizing it.   I don’t think there’s a better way to find out what’s inside, without going out of your mind. I pay a price each time.   […]


  Every day I notice a little bit more of what you took from me. Not to say I am any better; us liars and thieves do tend to stick together. One day I made up my mind to walk away and you passed on, so there were not more lies, or crimes to commit. […]


  I can hear the crack and splinter of my own reflected figure, see me standing in a mirror. I’ve been told that I’m not really there.   Strange how light could be a liar. Telling me to believe something that isn’t real, for no reason. Then,  I realize; I’ve been doing the same thing […]

Magic Words

  What is the point of words, if they can’t save you? Why do I waste the breath, the ink, if I don’t think they can affect the outcome.   They say, only actions can change the world, but I have read that it was words that made it.   You’re too beautiful to suffer. […]

From the Deep

  So close. Almost there. Took you a minute to free yourself and now, you’re about to finally break the surface.   I bet you didn’t know how sweet the air could be. Spent so long below, holding your breath, sleeping with Death, while wondering where all the bubbles go.   Thrashing the water hard, […]

So Smart

  Trial and error. Time spent in denial and life lived in terror. Fighting battles daily and you’ll say one day, far away, that it was all a game. But the games we play turn into mazes we create, as comfort sets in we tend to overcomplicate. Then one day, we turn around and find […]

The Conversation

  Hey, are you awake? Were you dreaming? You were talking and your eyes were open, glowing bluish light. You made sense, told me everything, so clear, I understood immediately. So strange, I was not afraid and you were so calm, so comforting. Then lay down, quiet, but for your breathing, and I had to […]

Personal Best

This was kind of a big deal for me. Yesterday, my website was accessed by humans and robots on every continent on planet Earth, except Antarctica, but penguins don’t read poetry, so fuck them. Finally cracked South America. Thank you, Ecuador! I’m guessing there isn’t a huge market for English language poetry, but I will […]

High Times in the Apocalypse

  Manipulate my brain, and how it takes in information. Play with my DNA, see how I change. “Oh, interesting.”   This world isn’t what it was before, I don’t think it ever was and we were sold more of a lie that we ever realized.   Chip me, drug me, or unplug me. Replace […]

Dark Nights & Bright Mornings

  I told you you would wake up. There was another day after last night, another chance to take, now everything is gonna be alright.   I know it’s hard to see that there is possibility in the night, when you’re alone and the demons come. They whisper every little failure in your ear, worrying […]


  I’m not sure I’m gonna make it. All the aches and pains of age and strain from all these games I’ve played and lost along the way. I’m past the point of top performance. My body’s diminished, my mind’s an annoyance. I don’t get a chance to be light, and be buoyant, day after […]


  Finally trying to message you, not as easy as it was. I’m reaching out, something is in the way. These kind of days I was afraid, no doubt, watching you spiral, dowsing truth like water. We broke everything. The kind of foundation, this life is what we deal with. Anxiety all the time. Taken […]

Video Dance Party

  Here we go, that old skeleton dance. The songs sung in funereal voices meant to echo deeper and tear the pericardium .   Holier men than thou have failed to stick the two-step, soft shoe, dance-dance revolution, disco fire, that builds until it eventually involves the arsonist.   The same lyrics that were spoken […]

Night Shaman

  Past the point of signs, out into the uncharted, driven by the mystery in front and the misery behind.   Flashing though memory after memory, seeking the gold in the coal mine.   Never makes sense when the cold night draws you out, away from the fire, to stare up at the stars.   […]

Cave Paintings

  What if it’s not what we thought it would be at all? We told ourselves stories and wrote them on the walls. Came to a point when we thought we could go so far. Turns out we’re all really just explorers at heart.   We wrote books and made movies and thought we could […]