That Moment of Supplication

Jesus handed me the bread and said, “This is my Body.” Jesus handed me the wine and smiled, “This is my Blood” and then He passed me a new promise, said He loved us all so much.   Tempted – He denied the enemy, then He was crucified for me and suffered like no other, […]

Spiritual Warfare

You know it ain’t right, standing on top our your life, looking down on yourself and everyone else. Living on borrowed time and sacred promises, that all that’s left is what you can eat, burn and fuck.   Ignoring all the signs that you’ve sold your soul, as that need to feed consumes you whole. […]


We’re so small sometimes, trying to defend ourselves from some threat perceived that really isn’t there. Striking out with venom tongues, knife in the back sarcasm, being angry just makes us act so dumb – so numb.   Has the world so taught us fear, we would the ones we love? Can’t tell our enemies […]

Rain Rolls Down

She’s not alright tonight, the passion’s gone and she’s burned out. Gave up the right to fight and she’s blaming Him for how it turned out.   ‘Cause when the party’s over and the moment’s just a memory, when the sun has set, she feels so alone. She can’t forgive herself, so how could He? […]


I’ve been finding comfort in the unseen. All that it asks of me is that I believe. A single wreck disabled all the night. Swept right off the table of my life.   Don’t got no problem, no-no-no more, singing with grace in my heart I poured, out. Putting despair away, not fair today.   […]

Slumber Crawl

Fall is slowing to a crawl. I’m moaning prayers and confessions. Ongoing, a given direction.   So, now I’m disarmed, stripped of my barbs, relieved of my scars. Holding high and lowly, with a love so holy.   I’ve been all we are.   Could be – but it never is, what we let ourselves […]


Singing a song and I will let it linger. For so long, I have hated whole the hunger. Led an open mind to a closed door – forcing the breach. Draining my mind more – experience the leech.   Bonded and bitter, forsaking and taking. Done more that I thought I could to be mistaken. […]


Seeing just a little more, since morning, now I realize, or think that I at least have opened my eyes. Letting go of all I’ve known, time to see how much I’ve grown; to the edge and beyond, the right and the wrong.   Here lies true beauty, in this wide eyed girl, in awe […]

Just a Minute

Oh shit! It seems I’ve had a moment too long, had a second for reflection, now it all seems wrong. Must not have been right, if I’m sitting down to right this song, instead of  heading down the road searching for the coming dawn.   These expectations are constantly turned on their heads and I […]

The Joy of Separation

Peaceful slumber comes, like death, or a sedated nod; when done severing, one sees everything.   Dropped out to be a part, alone and at home in the dark, cursed to finish what you start.   So this newfound heart, becomes the fire that burns, the mind that yearns to cut that nerve…                                                 […]

The Weaklings

Grasping at straws, panicking now with the need to float away, or start a fire.   One look confuses with all the bewilderment a fool can muster.   They are so near to heaven, these lost souls that brush and glide against each other, ’til so often friction gets their better and they burst into […]

A Memory of Something Stolen

I think that I remember, time before; something more like an old lover in the sky. Leaning over to the point of falling and I know there’s nothing wrong with letting her take me down.   Where I come from there is very little precious left. Going to grey, stole away, such a gorgeous theft. […]


A great commotion, passionate and often violent; the way things go around here almost every time. And it’s no big surprise to see the apathy inside so many that I see and even in my own life.   There might as well be not tomorrow, if I can’t find a way through today. There’s so […]


Came a time when I couldn’t lie no more, as this shell became my hell, but still I cried for more. Fearing love and loathing I knew life had in store and in myself the shadow lies hallowed and hollow; not all – but enough to exist. Like the love – like the blood and […]

Redundant Life

Dropped out – Ground down So proud – Now loud unbound. I’ve come – Gone long – Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you’ll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen – feeding the […]

Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way, than this cold dark life that I myself designed and when she looks, I turn and walk the other way; forsaking all I love, but she don’t mind.   It might never make a difference to you, but it does to me. I’ve walked away from […]


No cover, no bigger rush. No other, so much for this shit. There lies the favor, love her or hate her, here is your saviour; shrouded in malcontents.   Sit and wonder how I stand, what I’ve done with my own hands. Draw out this distorted love, where is the one that I dream of? […]