Mental Health Monday – 09.25.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Monday is here. Work. Kids. Family. Coworkers. The commute. Bills. School. Relationships. Debt. Anxiety. Appointments. Yeah. It's  all there. Sure, you had a precious 2 days off to recoup from the week before, but how many of us utilized every second of that 48 hours to make our lives better? How many of us … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 09.25.23

Sunday Morning Sun

  Beauty is as beauty does. The bare, soft shoulders my arm rests on, as we lay undercovers, and the day has yet to become a smile, or a disaster. The reflections of our hearts, or our actions, and what happens after. I know we’re gonna slow it down. Linger on these moments and let … Continue reading Sunday Morning Sun

Which Way?

  Drinking from the hose. Jumping into the flow. Left of right, or don’t follow the road. Escape the lanes, go on your own. Follow the sun. Wake with the day. Take the same exit off the express way. Do your job. Earn your pay. Dream of feeling the freedom of someday. Break the rules. … Continue reading Which Way?

High and Outside

  Stained skin and accidental pressure, never were the same in the glow of the hereafter. Questions the same, but they don’t get any answers. Everything just goes faster. Turn of the clock. Turn of the page. The calendar’s wrong, but no matter my age, it’s gonna come, even if I want to stay, I’m … Continue reading High and Outside


  Watch it call come down. Settle out. We’re gonna crawl out of the ashes. What then? God knows I don’t know. A revival? A rejuvenation? Today, the sky is clear and blue. Not gonna wonder about the afternoon. Not gonna fade away in the interlude. It’s clear today what I must do. Prayed for … Continue reading 09.23.23

Cemetary Gone

  Walking through the iron gates, headstones in my wake. They say the dead will have their day, but what a way to celebrate. They say the lost have their songs when the time has come to find them gone. Peaceful dreams idle along. Do they really know what’s going on? This isn’t getting any … Continue reading Cemetary Gone

The Hourglass

  Neon pyramids. Neural net sky. Albion sinks below, an acolyte above. Surface of the sands, once as smooth as glass, broken now, like the shards of a shattered heart. Who will smash the hourglass? Who will be the one when the time comes? To speak first with the last, and be over the horizon … Continue reading The Hourglass

Corner of Hope

  We used to hit the corners tight and on the inside. Stand out in the rain and wait for the sunlight to filter down to us from between the buildings. Deep in the alleyways, we knew places where the sun never touched. Hidden, gutter slums that never saw a green thing. We used to … Continue reading Corner of Hope

A Smile in The Morning

  Creeping along that razor’s edge. Insect steps on a spider’s web. So much going on in my head, I just lay awake in bed. Sleep in the day and wake in the dark. Time to get praying when the thinking starts. The seconds and hours seem so far apart. It didn’t used to be … Continue reading A Smile in The Morning

Springs Eternal

  Bathe in forgiveness. It rolls down tumbling mountains and washes the body clean. Soul succor. Pour out those viscous elixirs that eddy up in our backwaters and show, once again, the pitcher clear. Cause and effect. No one thing happens without another, and forgiveness is much the same. It is in a crevice at … Continue reading Springs Eternal

The Waking Edge

   Things fade along the edges. The closer I come. to clarity, the faster it burns. Overexposed, light pollution, photon poisoning. Waking up in a state of terrified and total confusion. One foot still in the dream, the other off the bed, looking for the floor, getting ready to run. Calm down, it is just … Continue reading The Waking Edge

Thick Skull Teaching

  Getting it through my head. Old ideas die on the vine, strangled by new desires, open eyes, and pretty lies. Take some time to get there. A slow and easy ride. New companions join me as we take the next horizon. Turns out I’m not the only one trying to fix what I have … Continue reading Thick Skull Teaching

Polaris Calling

  Dark mornings come. Such a funny way to hope. Coffee ground and you’re down on the upside again. Shiver as the air gets colder. That warm bed calls you, but it’s a lonely kind of solo. Stare out the window that reveals nothing, but darkness and Polaris calling. A few more minutes and it’s … Continue reading Polaris Calling