Throw-Away Dolls

  Tell me you are not afraid. Tell me you can’t feel the quiver and the shake of every foundation you’ve ever known, all that concrete and stone, suddenly not as strong as you thought it was before.   Let me tell you something; energy can make a liquid out of stone. Even the strongest […]


  Angry clouds, sullen skies. Imagining that I’m another space and time.   Lost again, questioning the meaning of it all, the life in everything.   Missed a turn, lost the game. Learned another lesson and forgot my name.   It’s such a shame these days, we have so much information, but don’t trust the […]

Birth Genesis

  Floating in the only dark I’ve known. Unaware of even my own existence. Comforted and carried in this, all encompassing emptiness. No reason to think that there is anything outside of this, no time, or space, or consciousness; reality won’t bear another.   Then, there’s a light. A single point and the moment I […]

Dancing Skeleton

  Your lips don’t speak what your eyes say. Your body tells me you’re afraid. but your fingers tell me everything.   There’s no hiding in there, the way you cut your hair, the clothes you wear, tattoos, piercings, too. I can read you like the cover of the New Review and there’s not much […]

Little House

  This little house, so far, we’ve made a home for us. A place where we are safe.   The world always creates things that we fear, and we always escape to our little house.   A home amongst the graves. A sanctuary in a war. How could we ever want more?   Then the […]


  Picking paths in our infinite continuum. It all seems so clear from this side. So easy to decide in the flow state, then we hit a little turbulence and we start tumbling.   Suddenly, all that momentum that was carrying us forward with such grace and efficiency becomes a catastrophic, uncontrolled transit. We are […]

Don’t Bury Me

  Don’t bury me yet; I’m not dead. I still have a heartbeat and the normal number of holes in my head. Sure, I might be broken, but I’ll heal. My skin might be burned, but I still feel, and even though I’ve failed until now, I’m still learning how.   There’s still some hope […]


  Open me up, like daylight wakes the sunflower. I have been asleep, dreaming of strange places.   I thought for a while that I was trapped inside one of those old books you used to read to me. Now, I am awake and I see that the world is so much stranger than what […]

Herd Immunity

  Inside you and me, maybe a little more in you than me. So insane we’ve gone too far to see each other eye to eye. Both of us are going to die, but one of us is going to say we were right.   Holding the switch from the bottom and giving an inch, […]


  Come from a language of lies, try to see the truth, much less speak it. Won’t even know it if we hear it. We’ve been taught to fear it, treat it like a secret, precious few see through the bullshit,   Most of us believe it, eat it, need it to validate our being. […]

Peaceful Memory

  Concentrate. Think back to the time before the sirens, and the violence, and the isolation.   Hold on, there it is, that one peaceful memory that you’ve been looking for.   Let it remind you that your whole life has not been a waste of time.   It might only be a memory, but […]

The Price of a Dream

  You crossed a line and so far, you’re okay not turning back from it. You made your choice and you’re willing to stand by it. No more than a passing thought of consequence. So caught up in your own Righteousness.   It’s exhilarating to think you are on the right side of history. I […]

The Student

  Take me in. Rescue me. I’ll believe anything. Tell me something that I didn’t know to be true, I’ll believe you.   Give me a reason to fight and I’ll go to the line and I’ll die for you, just like I am supposed to.   Tell me what you want me to be. […]

Scared Little Boy

  I don’t want to think about it. Just want to let it go. Leave it alone, deny that it even exists. I can’t move on, holding a fist around it. Straining to reach the next thing I need, but I just can’t seem to let go.   Child of fear and violent entity. Child […]

Space Walk

  Making it past everything that’s held you back. The past is that and nothing more. Looking out on an infinite space and holding your breath with one hand on the door.   Breaking the airlock and feeling the last bit of security between you and forever, no  longer protects you and you don’t even […]

Naming Demons

  What do you name your pain? What do you call the fall that brought you down? Do you scream at night, or do you lay there suffering in silence?   Do you want to fight the demons when they come, or do you choose to embrace them, and lie to yourself, saying that it […]

False Face

  Suddenly, it all comes clear, no more confusion, or feeling the fear. Well, maybe a little fear. It’s always there, if your aware.   Finding focus, objective, these days is more complicated, and onerous, travailing, than it used to be.   Stuck on our own little islands, so far part and we refuse to […]

Touch Hell

  Reaching out, arms outstretched, straining towards something, anything, to fill the void. In the dark, blind as a child, under covers, understanding oh, so little of the world, until you touch it.   Touch Hell.   Smooth as skin, cool at first, then warming quickly. Now you see, eyes open, heart beating in your […]

Atoms of Ashes

  Starting all over from the atoms of ashes. Glimpse of destruction, physically pulverized, mentally wiped out, spirit’s been exorcized. Somehow we still find ourselves alive; maybe it’s time.   Death is just an imaginary door, no key to find, no code to know. We are the ones whose minds are closed. Each moment is […]