Rogue Wave

  Sometimes the truth is like passing a stone. Tearing from the inside out. Sometimes the truth is like drinking gasoline, it’s gonna burn the whole way down. Suffer now, or suffer later. The good die young, but do the wicked still die ignorant? Bank hard on the learning curve. Batten down the hatches, because … Continue reading Rogue Wave

Science and Nature

  Undermining a river at our own peril. Seducing our destruction, touching the terrible. Elevating the excess of our errors. Bedding down quite comfortably in the bed of the succubus. The stag remains nimble. The fish, so quick, and slick. The fighter, must be mobile, learning to manage the distance. But, you and I walk … Continue reading Science and Nature

Final Aesthetic

  Your first love will not be your last. Your first kiss will not linger long. Fade away with days, old memories, and in the evening, the Sun’s last rays. Crackle of a fire dying. Wood piled high nearby. Do you let it go? Die down to coals and be overtaken by the night? No. … Continue reading Final Aesthetic

A Calm Connection

  Meditation. Slowing down the mind to reverberate with the undercurrent of the world. Dig down. Touch earth, touch stone. Through skin, touch flesh, touch bone. Feel it moving in you, the thing that keeps you current. Inner eye realize this time that you are a biological machine. Tied into everything. Part of it and … Continue reading A Calm Connection

Break Through

  Break through. Look at you. I can see something’s different. Your eyes open wide, like a prairie sky. No clouds behind them. Your vision clear as a spring morning. Today you look alive.   Break through. You speak and all the words make sense, like you’ve been thinking on things for a while. Calm, … Continue reading Break Through

Choose Your Own Adventure

  I was sure we watched the world change on a hill in late summer, 1995. We took the sky for granted back then, thought it would always be easy to see our place in the Universe. Did we lose track, or were the lines laid before us like networks of tripwires? Did we fail … Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure

ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Shuffle Play – Hokus Grey A lifetime ago (at least it feels that way) I spent some time hanging around musicians and fancied myself a bit of a singer songwriter. I was young and full of dreams and even though after a few years the dream died under the weight of life's vagrancies, I still … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Mental Health Monday – 11.28.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The secret that's not a secret. I mean, it's got to be pretty obvious by now that even those at the highest levels of our power structures are completely clueless as to where to go next, sometimes. Most of us in Regular People World face problems day to day that we don't have any … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.28.22


  What is it? What are we looking for? What mountain remains before us? What treasure have we not uncovered? What land remains to be conquered? Bile rises from the gut. Acid burns out the digestive tract of a healthy nation. A nation too fat, too happy, too rich, and too oblivious to continue on … Continue reading 11.27.22


  Clean. . Not easy. Not comfortable. Not empty. Just clean. Like winter sunlight, fresh snow blankets, light spring breezes, and warms summer sunshine. . Clean. . Not missing. Not absent. Not separate. Just clean. Light as a feather, unburdened and free from things that were. . Clean. . Not new. Not perfect. Not replaced. … Continue reading Clean


  Speak. Speak the words. Don’t let them die in your throat. Don’t hoard away the treasures that you carry, like a dragon beneath a mountain. For even dragons fall asleep for thousands of years and are forgotten. Their terror and their treasure both succumb to the passage of time and the feeble memory of … Continue reading Firespeaker


  Don’t take your eyes off the road. What passes you by are marigolds. Fire in the fields of the night. Lighting up the edges of our sight. Sometimes it feels like you’re alone, even in the places you call home. No horizon, no set event precipitates the moment that you left. It’s straight on … Continue reading Marigolds

Thursday Morning Coffee

  Pick up a cup of full-bodied morning. Dressed for success, or a pauper’s funeral. Ask the day if it has any plans for me? The street is quiet, I know it doesn’t care, anyway. Take a minute to run though things in my head. So much I don’t understand, but there isn’t much I … Continue reading Thursday Morning Coffee


  What could split this world in two, comes as easily as snow falls on a November morning. Quiet, and mostly expected. The weatherman announced it days before. No one is surprised, but there are still so many caught unprepared. Those sweet, summer children. Who, like the grasshopper, fail to acknowledge the future. Every day … Continue reading Winterfall


  Pulling it together on the far side of forever. Set out to answer my questions. Bought and sold my apprehensions. You would think by now that I had probably learned my lesson, but I’m hardheaded. So hardheaded.   Came down from the rafters. You talked me down after each and every disaster, once I … Continue reading Hardheaded

A Consequence for Everything

  Conceive the technology. Intimate with the system. Lear to speak in code, map the routing and the pathways. Schematics become emotions. Success becomes affection. mimicry is the highest form of flattery, enabling two-way communication. As the eyes describe the mind, so too does the rendering construe value to one event and nothing to another. … Continue reading A Consequence for Everything

A Reason to Stay

. Stay. Your fear without. Wandering your inner sanctum. Stray. A world of doubt, confronting the very question. Who are you? Who am I? Does it even really matter? Bodies decompose in time and we go on to the hereafter. Never did occur to you to find a line, or draw a purpose. Awake only … Continue reading A Reason to Stay