Like an Angel

I have the words,

but I dare not speak them;

not sure my tongue could sound them out.

I have the strings,

but I cannot play them;

out of tune and out of touch.


I’m afraid that the beat is shaking,

as my heart trembles in my chest;

suffering erratic palpitations,

this is why I’m not keeping step.

In time

with the rhythms of life.


I once had a voice

and I thought I could sing

like an angel.

So clear and soulful,

that I never left a doubt.

But then my breath caught

in my throat

and I lost the song.

I never found the notes again

to let it all out.


So now I’m trapped inside.

a man without a language

is a suicide.

Complicating matters,

is my love and I

are separated

and I know,

if I could sing her name

she would find her way



I have every note

on the tip of my tongue,

but that’s as far as they’ll go.

Oh, my forsaken soul,

why would you curse me so?

I used to rise with the Sun

and sing like an angel.

I guess it’s my only excuse.

Fear is my only death.

I am alive within,

but nothing gets past my lips.

I guess it’s never going to end.


I open my mouth one last time,

letting my soul escape

and out comes her name,

far too late,

but at least

she hears it;

holding strong,

like a angel.


HG – 2017


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