Struggle To Survive

Words that once reassured me, now fill me with dread. I prayed for you, and all my dreams came true, in nightmare clarity.   I wrapped the wounds. I set the bone. I treated the infection, but you were still there, killing me, torturing me, burning down my home.   Pain is loneliness, and affliction … Continue reading Struggle To Survive

Slow Apocalypse

I thought there would be more noise, more fire and destruction, wailing and lamentations, war and smoke and blood and darkness. Instead, the only noise I hear is intolerant, incessant whining.   Don't people know that we woke up post-apocalyptic? We no longer get to dream. This is it. The world is over. Not sure … Continue reading Slow Apocalypse

Lesson #556

Yesterday sucked, right up until the end. Tomorrow bears no better prospects; it looks like it's going to suck, too.   Today, for all its potential for bullshit, is a blank slate, a brick of unmolded clay. Forge the iron in front of you, don't dwell on what was, or what might be.   Deal … Continue reading Lesson #556

Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014

Contemplations on Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014 It seems I have found myself contemplating some rather timely themes and ideas. Recent events, coinciding with the Easter holiday have found me meditating on thoughts of service and to a greater extent, sacrifice. I would assume that we all think that we understand these ideas. Service … Continue reading Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014