The Wave



  Waking while the world still sleeps. Climbing silently from our beds. Pull on coats and quiet shoes, or tip-toe out with them in hand.   Slip the lock and trip the latch. Out the door, or out the window. While others dream in their heads, we are about to go out into the night. […]


Stacking up, brick by brick, the weight on my mind, on my shoulders, on my heart. Day to day, the only thing that never falls apart.   I have done all I can to carry it all, from the first day, to the cross. Maybe I wasn’t made to be a martyr, or a servant, […]

Struggle To Survive

Words that once reassured me, now fill me with dread. I prayed for you, and all my dreams came true, in nightmare clarity.   I wrapped the wounds. I set the bone. I treated the infection, but you were still there, killing me, torturing me, burning down my home.   Pain is loneliness, and affliction […]

Slow Apocalypse

I thought there would be more noise, more fire and destruction, wailing and lamentations, war and smoke and blood and darkness. Instead, the only noise I hear is intolerant, incessant whining.   Don’t people know that we woke up post-apocalyptic? We no longer get to dream. This is it. The world is over. Not sure […]


Destiny. Hard wiring. Programming. Conscience. Consciousness. Awareness. Empathy. Drive. Purpose. Life. Death. Eternity. Fate. Faith. God.   These are some of the themes that I am working with these days. The more I venture down the road of Life, I find it all goes down hill. The path slopes down, inexorably to the sea; the […]


The insurmountable obstacle of writing dreams. The subject matter is so tempting, the vistas so alien and raw, the emotions so visceral; we are drawn back to them as fuel for our creations. The “Inspiration Junkyard”, where we might pick and choose what odd and strange thing we need to add that purely personal touch […]

Lesson #556

Yesterday sucked, right up until the end. Tomorrow bears no better prospects; it looks like it’s going to suck, too.   Today, for all its potential for bullshit, is a blank slate, a brick of unmolded clay. Forge the iron in front of you, don’t dwell on what was, or what might be.   Deal […]

Canada Day 2015

This Canada Day, I find myself reflecting on the blessings of good fortune that I benefit from due to my birth in this fine nation. I know that this good fortune is the result of generations of men and women who worked hard and sacrificed to create this great nation. Many spent their lives carving […]