Look Both Ways

I’ve got that

“I’m missing something” feeling,

picking at my brain

and I’m not sure if I’m seeking

in the wrong place.


Is it something long forgotten?

A past touchstone?

A memory that makes up

who I am and more?


Did someone whisper to me a secret

that I was to keep

and have now forgotten?

Or is it something

that I have yet to know?


Am I missing some thing

that I have never had?

A new horizon,

that must be claimed

for me to see what’s next?


I don’t know

if I’m lost,

or just not there yet.


This journey doesn’t come up

on a search engine,

maybe I need a time machine.


HG – 2017


2 thoughts on “Look Both Ways

    1. I’m glad you found something in there that spoke to that part of you. I hope you don’t mind if you take it to mean I’m doing something right.

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