Summer Dreams

  Another storm blows in. Cool rain used to break the grip of summer’s heat. These days, there’s a humidity in the air, which is strange for a dry country.   I remember when this place was a dust bowl. The end of the road, as far as anyone is concerned. Unless, of course, you […]

Calling for Help

I thought I heard you cry. Your voice echoed in the distance. I thought you were in pain. I thought you needed rescue, and my brain was so insistent. I got up from my place, sallow black and deep in comfort. Blinking through narcotic haze, turning down my television that I might hear you cry […]


We were bones given flesh, stretched with skin, lit within, so we could dance to the music of the dying universe.   We met, two by two, an apocalypse exclusive retinue. We tripped the light, we stepped on stars between the buildings and the cars.   Back in the day, before our bones, as we […]


Looking in from the outside, of the middle, of the in-between. The ocean, the horizon, the mountain, the endless reams of fire, ice and iron, consecration of an epilogue. This is over, just beginning, think its wonder, or an inescapable drug.   Hold on tight, we’re gonna get down to the essence of it, now. […]

The Stars Beyond Time

I told her stories and watched as her eyes opened to stars, beholding all at once the beginning and the middle and the end of all creation.   I showed her the world, such as I knew it, from the cliff-faced mountain valley, to the unending river and on until, the deep, eternal ocean.   […]

Light Pollution

So much noise and confusion, all I have is me; a temporary shelter. Alien and satisfactory, enclosing in the stars above.   Whenever I feel alone, I just look up and then I know there’s only a few thousand miles between me and everything else.   My feet are on the ground, but does that […]


The thought returns, beckoned by a subtle gesture. Elusive in its range and specification. Draw close to me, my fear of warrantless abandonment. Never knew an excuse I didn’t want to fuck right away.   Help me burn a bridge and I will turn around and walk away laughing. You used to be too, but […]


Never enough time, or enough words, or too many words and no way to say them.   I have only a moment in the universe’s life to shine, to scream, to burn.   I’ll tear a hole in the fabric of reality, just to show you I was here.   Even if I am a […]

The Wonderful Machine

You came through the door, stumbling, as if the world had chased you home, planted on hand on the wall to catch yourself, so you didn’t collapse in the foyer. You always said you hated it outside. The world had just expelled you and the only safe place left for you was behind that door. […]

Little Death Connections

Thought was a crime. Intention was a tragedy. We walked on literal eggshells; life never to be crushed under our feet. The feeling, so visceral.   Tied to that Central Nervous System disorder, chaos into the circuit. Lightening shattered thought-web lattice. Each touch, shudder and shake. Body in spasm and gasping, exhorting The Maker. Pleading […]


I’m watching you, through a frame that I can’t explain. It’s old and dreary, but I can just make out your smiling face.   I left a ghost, returned to find you in love again with some youthful creature.   Surprised me not, but don’t let my memory fade away. I am revenant.   Lost […]