Mental Health Monday – 01.30.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Home with the flu today. Nothing exotic, just an old-fashioned influenza virus. Feeling run down and generally like shit, but a unique opportunity presents itself; the chance to slow down. While my immune system gets a workout, and I do my best to get rest, vitamins, and plenty of fluids, I won't stop moving … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 01.30.23

Trapped in Neverland

  Same old day after day. Happy thoughts and pixie dust. Existence in this fishbowl world complete. Take to the sky each morning. Fight, fly, and crow. Slip amongst the ships by night, and take a few throats. Love. An untouchable thing. An entire life trapped in stasis. A construct of a dream that in … Continue reading Trapped in Neverland

You and everything Else

  Dead lights glow in the morning fog. The Sun yet set to wake, but I am unable to sleep in your presence. Coffee brews, and the mind struggles to slip a loop on what today might bring. Out there is infinity. In here, you are eternity. I struggle between two opposing polarities, each drawing … Continue reading You and everything Else

Locked-up Box

  Close the curtains. Close the door. Lock the windows and unplug the phone. Breathe the last breath of an empty space. Smile a prayer and then be gone. Locked-up box of life’s remains will stay waiting for a while. The wind will blow and rain will fall. The ghosts of time will stay here … Continue reading Locked-up Box

Change for Coffee

  Sounds of a busy café morning. Came this way just to escape. A table in the corner. Coffee, and something light for breakfast. Eyes down on your phone, but they take in everything. Watching the room, to see if anyone is watching you. So painstakingly prepared, the perfect picture of beauty. Disheveled, like you … Continue reading Change for Coffee


  Can`t explain the plait that wove me into you. Never together, at least, not in this world. I obsess over your subtle imperfections, like a sculptor pining for his chisels. Fate is a tempting dream, one that does not seek any of our permissions. It’s funny, the way the lines get drawn. Connections made, … Continue reading Connections

ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

July 2020 doesn't seem that long ago in retrospect, but when I try to place myself back there, the timeline seems chaotic and obscured. I recall a daily ritual of wondering what fresh hell would visit us each day. Chaos and a riot of emotions. COVID-19 countermeasures in full swing. Domestic terror from every corner. … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

Mental Health Monday – 01.23.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Who's ready? Me neither. Who's gonna do it anyway? Me too. The only thing we have is our resilience. There is a famous quote attributed to John Wayne, "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." That's what we're doing today. We're being courageous. We're going to get up and do the … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 01.23.23

Broken Boy Songs

   Coming inside from a cold, hard day out there again. We live it through a window, a screen or a story told. You step back in and we don’t even know how long you’ve been gone. You’re dirty and tired, singing your broken boy song. They all gather around to hear what you have … Continue reading Broken Boy Songs

The North Slope

  Dawn comes and the silver light of our companion Moon abandons us for the blaze of her cousin, Sun. We had bathed in starlight only sweet hours ago, now torn to pieces by the glare from an empty sky. We try to hide amongst the mirrored walls of city landscapes. We tunnel deep under … Continue reading The North Slope

Born on The Downside

  Thought it would be different. The closest we would ever be to gliding in the silent twilight on a sea of dreams. Took the time to ask the questions and read the answers in the leaves. Listen to the wind’s soft whisper, telling us how we would be. Yet, here we are, only just … Continue reading Born on The Downside

The Old Bridge

  Walked along the old bridge. Summer comes and we’re both chasing old times. We were just punk kids. Didn’t know what we would do with our lives. A couple six packs and a bag of weed, an old guitar, and that was all we needed to burn away the day. Thought we were gonna … Continue reading The Old Bridge

The Swamp

. Eyes as big as night, wet with tears. A quickening storm. A light burns bright on the horizon. A signal fire guiding us home. Weary hearts, and minds struggling. From the plains, through the swamp. We lost good people in the morass, and the muskeg. Those who couldn’t see their way though. Never thought … Continue reading The Swamp

ReBlog Wednesday – “Runaways”

We have all wanted to run away. From who we are, a situation we're in, a job, a relationship, a place. We have all at some point just wanted to stand up, walk outside, and run until our breath or legs fail us. Or drive. Drive until the fuel runs out, or until we have … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Runaways”