Late Summer

  God, how I love late summer. That moment before the heat finally breaks, the cool air of night beckons the harvest, and the bounty of the field starts to show. Frenetic times are faded. The summer’s luster’s lost it’s shine, but the days still blaze, even as the nights get longer. You and I […]

The Most Ignored Miracle

  Taking a breath and letting go. Gritting my teeth and hanging on. Finding my feet, enough to run away. Finding the will inside to stay.   The words appear upon the page, as if through some divine intercession. Life unfolds each day revealing the most ignored miracle in the world.   Eyes open and […]

Real Boy

  Back up to the cloud. Don’t let the memory escape. Just like you let yourself forget every memory of pain. Thought you were impossible. Just a reflection, just a dream. Turns out I was the one that only existed on a screen.   Show me who you are and I will play back all […]


  Fashioning an exodus, a raft, a kite, made of discarded dreams. Thrones and castles only serve to be tombs in time.   Waking the dead with wind and water. Giving life, not to the past, but to the future. Some things do not survive, only because they exist out of time.   Sometimes we […]

The Value of Waiting

  Playing on all my fears. Drawing out all my anxieties. Examining who I am in the cold light of morning. Extricate myself from the maze I’ve built. The subtle twists and turns that dead ended.   When I was a child, I never had the knack for solving complex puzzles. Fact is, I just […]

The Cycle of The Serpent

  Does the Universe long to return to darkness? Are being and uncreation the cycle of the serpent? Is there a future out there with no past? Is there an end, or is it all new beginnings?   Consciousness claims another mind. The Universe shifts, at least all visible light now has new eyes to […]


  You put me on this long, drawn trajectory, but I don’t blame you. No, not for a second. Your rejection saved me. I would not have survived if the person I was had been accepted. I would have died in my habits and my hubris.   I believed that I was special. And not […]

Loving You

  Bringing out the light in your eyes. All I ever wanted was to see you smile. Pass down the light from time to time and resurrect the day after each night. The touch of your skin, your warm embrace seemed to take all my fear away. And I could stand out there in the […]

Orientation Day

  Feel that? Something between excitement and trepidation. The uncovered sky and the bottomless. Knowing the eyes of the universe are on you is a humbling sensation.   What is it to be seen by that which is unseen? What is it to be touched by that which has no form?   Trying the strands […]

The Mourning Call

  The mourning call of the wounded ones echoes through time. No one turns to acknowledge them, lest the join their funeral parade. The day rejoice and the Sun will come, but for these poor souls the day becomes maudlin in its infancy, desperate by noon, and suicidal by suppertime. What a place this is […]

The Expedition

  Taking a moment to find my head. I think I lost it in intoxicating thoughts and dreams sold to me by fox-faced hawkers who abstain from the way we go.   Caught up in a tempest. Begun a slow meander. River in the gorge became a master, and I became a slave to every […]


  The terror placates you. Such a lovely instrument. Blissfully overt and obvious. Oh, so effective. Never had the need to cordon, or escalate. The fear has always been enough to overwhelm you. Coach you in your horror. Counsel your anxieties. Show you the endless forms of your enemies. Subtly displace your sense of self […]

Mental Health Monday – 07.25.22

mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Been a minute. Life gets in the way, it’s a fact we can’t always avoid. There will always be demands on our resources, our time, our energy, our emotions, and the fact is we only have so much to draw on. We need to cultivate a strong concept of who we are. As individuals, […]

The Fear Below

  I am a child of ghosts, broken homes, and narrow alleyways. I am a son of rage, created this place in a state of disarray. Coming into the age of entropy, I feel like the world’s reflecting me. If that is the case, It’s up to me to change. Nothing that I’ve see would […]

Order and Chaos

  The first words out of your mouth gave me the last thing I expected. I didn’t know I needed all of this, or anything.   The first thoughts in my head were defensive, even angry, and then sadness, as I realized how wrong I was.   You and I started off the same, just […]

Gravity and Me

  Gravity and me have always been mutual abusers. Holding me down, while I never let go. So afraid of losing my way in that great, blue unknown, because I know it fades to black the further I explore. Clipping my own wings. Keeping myself in a jar. Climbs as I might, I just slide […]

The Sweat of Our Brow

  Consciousness cares. The light dissolves behind new order. Ravaged and stately become empty vessels waiting of the vintner to approve his vines.   Old wood. Old world. Iron of an age. Patina grace. The heavens open spilling tears of a trillion stars upon us.   Be awake. Forsake the dream. Even in the daylight […]