River Interrupted

  Interrupted river never touched the sea, but all things return there, eventually. Try as we might, God has His designs, and we’ve got no say in how our time unwinds. Put it in your mind that we might one day find ourselves on the shoreline. One step away from that eternal place. High mountain … Continue reading River Interrupted


  Drawing you up, and out, and through this tempest in your skull. Easing the sea that swells to crashing in your heart. Tumultuous inside, but who could blame you? Watching it all just fall apart. Inhale slow. Exhale, and then find a place where we can begin to bring you down from your many … Continue reading Hopeless

Night Bird

  Staring into the darkness. Deep, impenetrable. Still as a dead tree. Quiet as the snow. Clouds so thick there might as well have never been a moon, or stars. Still, you sit and stare. Eyes taking in an everlasting void. Then, a rustle, somewhere deep in the forest, the city, and you are gone. … Continue reading Night Bird

Mental Health Monday – 11.27.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The hardest yard. The decision to change is not a light one. Do you truly dare to take on the world? Your fate, your circumstances, your past mistakes, your bad choices, your biology, psychology, physiology, fear, and doubt. You think you want to face down the total sum of your existence to this point … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.27.23

Mental Health Monday – 11.20.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Positive affirmations. What does it mean to you to get positive reinforcement? What motivates you? What makes you feel good when you find yourself trending down into a negative space? I have always been stubborn. I try, and I fail, but I don't generally give up. It's not always a good thing, but as … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.20.23


  The speech is revealing. Every word, a double entendre. Not to be deceiving. I don’t think you’re aware that with every breath you are telling two stories. One, you want to tell. All those things that make you so proud of yourself. The other, the one you need to tell. The secret part of … Continue reading Subtext

Birth, Death, and Creation

  Revenue. Ad space. Nothing cuts through the inspiration vein faster than a dollar bill. Nothing impinges upon the will quite like an appeal to the ego. Fortune and power have swayed men’s minds since long before I lost mine. Such is the consequence of dreaming free. The intangible builds the palace, but the stones … Continue reading Birth, Death, and Creation

Search Light

  Destroy the world. It is your birthright. Hard wired to self-destruct. Indolent student, long overdue for an epilogue. Break the strings of the instruments. Smash the horns, and break the reeds. The only music that will imbue your tragic moments ought to be the cacophony that precedes your inevitable moment of silence. Then, the … Continue reading Search Light

Coming Down

  Break through the clouds, like a shaft of light coming down. We all reach a place, up high, where our engines fail. It’s okay to try to touch the stars. There was always something airborne in your heart, but everything that gets high must return to earth eventually. There’s no such thing as a … Continue reading Coming Down

Within Curtains

  Sit in sanctuary. Holy of holies. Safety surrounding, limiting exposure. You pull curtains, in curtains, to cover your fear. Shame is a prison. The past, a jailer. Hopeless when you’ve cut off the outside. Replacing sins always leaves one more left to hide. Pain, and all its friends still come around. Only thing is, … Continue reading Within Curtains

Work of Art

  Work of art, weather the storm. Persist by what you consist of. Tested mettle in the gale. Worn away in vulnerable places. Stained face, but still resilient in the fog of war. Survive the bombs, by chance, or divine hand. Still bear the marks of fire, and the uprisings. You have watched kingdoms rise … Continue reading Work of Art

Feedback Loop

  Fighting the urge to run. Not sure where it came from. All I know is that I was not afraid when sleep came over me. Stopping at every sound. Startling at innocent gestures. So much to confound and confuse me in my measures. Stop it, and start it. And stop it, and start it, … Continue reading Feedback Loop

Welcome the Frost

  A lot of things come with the frost. Slow starts. Gas bills. The chance of snow. Here, there is but grudging acceptance for the world going green, then gold, then grey, then white. For many, winter is a prison. Daylight savings time gives one hour of fitful sleep, on a cold, Sunday morning, then … Continue reading Welcome the Frost

Death and Madness

   Patience, places her hand on my arm. Says, “don’t run away on me.” Taking a moment just to breathe can save a life. Listen to the winter wind. Hear the crackling fire. Know that there’s no way to go that doesn’t end in death and madness. In the darkness of my mind, she holds … Continue reading Death and Madness

The Certainty of Suffering

  Banish the cold morning floor. Seek the warmth of the fire early in the day and make a promise to yourself that an end to all your suffering is near. Then, chuckle at the idea. Smile sardonically at your own indulgence. As if you could ever give up suffering. It is your favorite vice. … Continue reading The Certainty of Suffering

Turn Notifications On?

  Such a maudlin tone. Dull ring, like a bell through dense fog. Interference, trying to suppress another dismal salutation. It’s never anything good. The days of Grandma putting a birthday check in the mail have been replaced with electronic billing, crypto scams, and requests for money from talentless, two-bit hacks, posing as a “Journalists” … Continue reading Turn Notifications On?


  Curiosity, kills what scares us in our dreams. Atrocity, never far from fingertips, always a weapon at hand. Unrequited love is just a measure of missing respect. Existence only counts when there is some shiny surface to reflect. Conspirators, seek to steal your life. Infiltrators feeding on your time. We get drawn in by … Continue reading Conspirators