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Welcome to the Hokus Grey website!


First, let’s get the obvious out of the way;

Hokus Grey is not a person, but instead, it is an idea that encompasses the collective

creative works of myself; David J. Roussel. I adopted the handle for internet use early on,

and it has since evolved to the only appropriate descriptor for my work; past, present

and future.


Now, a little bit about me:

I have always loved words.

As a child, when I was bored and between comic books, or novels, or perhaps just out of

innocent curiosity, I would open up the Webster’s Dictionary and absorb the words, like

an amphibian breathes through its skin.

I haunted the libraries in my small home town. I had a lot of friends, and loved to play,

but there was something about the books; row upon row of  high shelves full of

knowledge, that called to me from some deep part of my soul.

An avid reader from an early age, as I grew into my teenage years, I began writing

poetry. At the encouragement of my family and teachers, I continued to write through

my college years, where I dabbled in song writing and music.

During a dark period in my early-to-mid-twenties, I stopped writing. I stopped being

curious. I was lost, broken, jaded and without the wonder of my childhood dreams to

keep me going. It was only by Grace that I was able to recover that spark. I was able to

rekindle the wonder and the curiosity that had called me to those dusty library shelves,

all those years before.

In 2014, I decided that a lifetime of poetry would be best shared while I was alive. It did

not make sense to have created all these words, just to let them rot with their creator. It

was about the same time that I began a ritual of writing one, complete piece of poetry

every morning before I went to work. Surprisingly, I have been faithful to this exercise

for years, now.


Over time, the Hokus Grey website has picked up a few followers, found a few

kindred spirits, and shared more ideas, emotions and delusions than I ever thought

possible. This blog now exists because of its readers, as much as my own labors. If you

will continue to accompany me on this strange and savage journey; then I will continue

to create, as long as I am still breathing.


I publish new pieces on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes more, sometimes less. There

are new media projects in progress, as well as some publishing pursuits that I am hoping

to see realized, so stay tuned.


If you feel like you want to support my work, I have begun work on a Patreon page

where you can sign up to have access to exclusive content, as well as advance access to

new media projects, before they become available to the public.



You can access the Hokus Grey Patreon page here:




Thank you for reading, and thank you for staying curious.

We have so much more to explore.


Come see.


David J. Roussel





ho·​cus | \ ˈhō-kəs \

hocussed or hocused; hocussing or hocusing

Definition of hocus

transitive verb

1 : to perpetrate a trick or hoax on : deceive

2 : to befuddle often with drugged liquor also : dope, drug hocussed the favorite before the race




less common spelling of gray

1a : of the color gray

b : tending toward gray blue-gray eyes

c : dull in color

2 : having the hair gray : hoary

3 : clothed in gray

4a : lacking cheer or brightness in mood, outlook, style, or flavor also : dismal, gloomy a gray day

b : prosaically ordinary : dull, uninterestingthe boring, gray dullness of government— P. J. O’Rourke

5 : having an intermediate and often vaguely defined position, condition, or character an ethically gray area


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  1. I apologize for my timing lack. It took awhile to get to the about the author page. I’m a slow blogger in these community things. I’m always interested to know things about people I read here.
    However, I sometimes wonder how much knowing about authors in general influence us with what we read from them. Meh. My curiosity takes over
    Nice page here

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