Not a Friend

My words were never more than just a whisper, that only by good fortune found your ear. Across a world of wind's anticipation, the deafening draw, you heard me clear. Everything I said was to sustain you. Syllables like meat and wine imbued, I thought I was saving you.   How long, did my ego … Continue reading Not a Friend

Imaginary Friends

I think I only imagined you. You were never really there, just an optical illusion. A way to keep me in my skin, a thought beyond compare, an irreparable world view.   Unique is the nicest word they had to describe me. In my own little way, I offered a real life to you. What … Continue reading Imaginary Friends

Try to Make Amends

I was wrong, about everything. I thought I knew, but I had been deceived. I lived life banking on a notion that was the enemy of my heart. I hope I learned in time. Although I know regret, I’m trying to give myself another chance. The days grow longer and so do all my looks … Continue reading Try to Make Amends

Autumn’s Promise

You were telling me of Autumn, but the words stumbled from your lips, like drunken beggars, seeking a gutter in which to lay. Sweet dreams, of a new year and another chance. Funny, how we've been out of school for so many years and September still feels like the beginning of something, but it is … Continue reading Autumn’s Promise