ReBlog Wednesday – “Office Politics”

“I can hear teeth just like a chainsaw, grinding away behind your smile.” “Hell is other people.” Try to tell the late French existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre he is wrong, and you’ll only end up lying to yourself. He knew it. We know it. And as much as this inescapable fact of our social condition … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Office Politics”


Don't show yourself to the world; it's not there for you. It lies and says it loves you, but it's a killer. Don't reveal yourself to strangers, you're too vulnerable. You need protecting, I hope you never know.   Conceal yourself smartly inside a fortress. Stay where you're strong, don't go into the wild. If … Continue reading Prudence

A Real Cold Bitch

  She only loves you for you potential for calamity. She’s a destruction addict, failure junkie. She gets high on those gutter lover lows, that’s her real trip; a real dust grinder.   Yeah, she’s gonna get you, son. She’s gonna make you great. She wants to see you on the highest rung, before she … Continue reading A Real Cold Bitch

Lowered Expectations

Let me just hear you say that we got here accidentally and we weren't doomed to fail; we just got lost in the majesty, of what it was and what it is and what we thought could be.   Never mind all our fears, try to forget my awkward gestures try to forget betrayal; maybe … Continue reading Lowered Expectations


So melodic, each hammer string resonation, drills into me with the force of an event horizon. Drawing me in, inextricable from the feeling of losing my mind.   Love is a rush of blood, an unrelenting suffocation and exhilaration. Coming up for air from a dark and deepest ocean. Ravaging like fire across the skin … Continue reading Singularity


In between the lines, is what they really think of you. Their smiles are all teeth, all the better to devour you with. It's something in between their eyes and their hands outstretched that makes you scream out that they are no friends.   I'd rather trust the storm of infinity than be so deceived … Continue reading Unhinged

The Trust Game

Breaking all of my personal guidelines.   Giving a chance to the unrequited.   Don’t think I had half a mind to save you.   Don’t think that I really cared.   But I will step out of my comfort zone, So you can see I tried.   I’m No better than you, I have … Continue reading The Trust Game

Magnetic Liquid Metal

It's magical, the way the universe draws you closer to me. No distance can succeed to separate us; at least, not for very long.   There was a spark, a live connection, that set our entities in tune. A chord that struck a resonation within our consciousness, encompassing all of me, all of you.   … Continue reading Magnetic Liquid Metal

Using The Jaws of Life (Muscle Memory)

These are the hands that touched you, the ones that now seek to explain themselves. The past is so far back there, I cannot reach it to turn it over and see why it is there.   I am of the opinion that we crashed into each other; hard. Too hard to extricate ourselves and … Continue reading Using The Jaws of Life (Muscle Memory)

Not a Friend

My words were never more than just a whisper, that only by good fortune found your ear. Across a world of wind's anticipation, the deafening draw, you heard me clear. Everything I said was to sustain you. Syllables like meat and wine imbued, I thought I was saving you.   How long, did my ego … Continue reading Not a Friend

Two Hearts Light

It must have been the night and our two hears beating within it, that quickened into some fire, some light, some kind of life, that seemed to keep us through the pitch and roll of friction against so many obstacles unseen in the dark.   It was the transom in our refuge, our only buttress; … Continue reading Two Hearts Light

Just Date Night

You look beautiful in that dress; dark, but not black, thin, spaghetti straps, hidden in the way your hair falls about your shoulders.   You look like a picture. In the light, right there, you would fit in in New York, or Paris, but we’re just going out to our favorite place. A get-away from … Continue reading Just Date Night

The Last Refuge of a Liar

There were times that it was all my imagination. I know, I swore for years that it was real, but now I see that it was all an illusion. I believed the symbols, never knowing what they meant.   Your attraction made you draw much closer than was probably safe for either you or I. … Continue reading The Last Refuge of a Liar

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given … Continue reading The Break Up