There’s no more devil on my shoulder and my angel is long gone, even my dreams have turned to humdrum, I lift my head and carry on. I give short shrift to the apostles of another, loving dawn; it’s pay to play in the their new castles, crowded house and rousing song.   I exit […]

Out of Darkness

A dark corner, face dismayed. I never saw you look that way before.   I use light words, reach out, attempt.   I cannot recall what it takes to draw you out.   I am no better equipped to save you than you are to save yourself.   I know darkness, yes, but my darkness […]

Wet Blacktop

A low fog clings to the ground, eerily lit by a sliver of moon and itinerant street lights. The streets are slick with rain, more a mist than a downpour.   The pavement blacktop soaks up the light, soaks up the blood, soaks up the sin, revealing nothing, except where it collects water in the […]

A Malevolent Aside

  Just one little thing at a time; I will take away your mind. No control, no design; just a tempting fucking lie.   All around, hear the sounds of confusion on the ground. Your animosity is a symphony to me. I delight in night. Ask me why you still fear to go outside? In […]

But, The Man in The Moon…

  I can only lead as far as I know how. I can only fly on the wind that blowing. I’m no alibi, I’m a knot in your throat when you try to speak those saving syllables.   I’ve been weak, weaker than you need. Stronger than you deserve, but life’s funny like that. Ask […]

The Screed

This is all there is now. I guess I played too long, The Good Man and The Fool. Dawn is rising in the East and the light of the Sun is setting fire to all my could-have-beens, my never-weres and my isms.   I wanted to be great; and I tried, and I failed, and […]

Don’t Look Back

Yeah, this drags on and on. The slow burn, the sickness touch. Keeping intimate and fair, at least in that the hate is equal.   Never asked. Never told. Try to be somebody. Respect. Reply. Rejected applications. Fired up, cocaine residues. A past backed by dollar bill inner tubes.   Grasping at straws has always […]

In Free Fall

I caught myself in a free fall, it felt like zero gravity. Infinite bliss.   In the absence of a plan, run towards chaos and kill everything; such a simple axiom. Better to be dead than to speak words that are blameless.   In between the sky and the ground is every opportunity.   I […]

Puzzle Box

Emotional, at least I thought you were. Both of us never in doubt. Hopeful, without benefit of anything that told us so; we went on faith.   Now it seems as if we were wrong, in oh, so many ways. Learning the hard way, that hope is not a prayer. Maybe we were idle when […]

Roads to Nowhere

All my lines are truncated, even the vibrant ones. I trusted my dreams once, now, I fear the good ones. Sometimes I miss the nightmares. The cruel, the terrifying; at least they made me fond of the waking world. The way the fear and then the affection left me, leaving me cold.   Betrayed by […]

The Runner

The coast is clear. Now, get ready to run for cover. As fast as you can; run like you life depends on it. Because it does.   No, I’m fucking serious. When I say “Go!”, you run and hide. Right now there are no eyes looking in our direction. No one to detect movement. No […]


Pulse Black Pulse Blue Pulse The rhythm Pulse Blood Pulse The feeling Pulse Hot Pulse Be ready.   Even as the sun goes down, street lights glisten in the rain. Falling forever, falling tonight, driving our motives.   Slick with sweat, bodies wet with anticipation. Deep underground, in out chests, the reverberation.   Pulse Touch […]

Designer Sunglasses

  There were days when my eyes would not adjust to your brilliance. I hid them behind designer sunglasses and did my best to avoid your gaze. You stood a full head taller that everyone at every party. you loved to be loved, loved to be feared and you certainly didn’t mind being hated.   […]

A Human Centipede

I watched you crawl into dark spaces, lithe and contorted, like some many-legged insect. Absolving yourself of all your little disgraces, those little white lies that became an infinite void.   I saw you feed on pain and devastation. I saw what  a diet of shame and guilt could do. You, who I once believed […]

The Big Reveal

Delicate. A ray of light breaks through my fingers, hands in a warding gesture. Breaking the beam denies my option anonymously, no strength behind it.   It’s as if, with a wave, you’ve taken away all of my trepidation, all my insecurity. Nothing more dangerous, or alien to me; these types of emotions blind and […]

Love and The Perfect Nothing

Light invades into my perfect nothing, illuminating the hallowed empty, absolving me of rumors of capacity, showing only absence and void.   “Where do you keep your tragedy and longing? Where do you store your hatred and self-doubt? Where do you hide your pain and humiliation?”   I don’t. I give it all back to […]

The Night Watchman

Even the good things lose their kindness in the fading evening light. I stare blankly out the window, losing hope with every breath. I fade like winter’s shadow, when the spring comes ’round again. I’m a pauper and a plagiarist, stealing time in my own skin.   I have walked between the doorways of Heaven […]

It’s a Madhouse!

I keep asking, but I know I’m wrong. The days get shorter and the nights get long. The mind plays tricks, and the band plays on, just don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out.   The dark lies cold. Unaware are the […]

Salvation’s Wings

All of this could be a lie. I could be your homicide. All my life I have tried to make it up, but I decline.   Nothing ever satisfies. You do yours and I’ll do mine. At the end the horizon dies. Blue to red then back in time.   I lost time. I lost […]

Lost Men

I wanted to be happy for you. You had so much to celebrate. It was cold and the winter wind had blown the sky away. I was young; not to make excuses, but it just didn’t occur that this would change you.   We had spent all our summers high and getting higher and now, […]