Drawn into the world as the ultra-outgoing,

living, laughing, loving – party ’til the next morning,

but as the years begin to grind,

you lose your happy state of mind;

it sucks, but you know it happens to us all in time.

The heavy hand of a weighted world

drags you down with it.

Leaves its mark upon you,

scars you so you can’t forget.

And the light I see in your eyes dies,

I see again my friend is gone,

abused by all the shit in life;

not here – withdrawn.


I see your way’s grown dark,

but don’t let this bullshit get through,

to the real you beneath,

this world doesn’t cut that deep;

it’s weak and shallow.

Pains me to see my friends

laid up like they’re dead,

no compulsion, or need, or desire,

just sit there dissociated;

not here – withdrawn.


I can see the lights are on,

but I’m not getting any answer,

just a nagging doubt like cancer

that you’re gone;

not here – withdrawn.


HG – 2000-2005

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