Emancipation of a Suburban Marriage

I don't think I have ever understood you; not on any real level, anyway. We have lived and shared and known so much of each other, but I don't think I know the secrets of your heart.   Perhaps this is my shortcoming. I have not been driven and intrepid enough to bare the unexplored … Continue reading Emancipation of a Suburban Marriage

Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light, sapphire blue suffusions. Reflections through spectrums of deep, red hearts pulsing, expanding with mass gathering faster that heat burns, hot white and corona yellow, in purity of conversion.   Bright soul of the brilliant fires, burned long, down to even, cold azure, off-gassing green luminescent and striking crystalline veins of … Continue reading Eyes That See in Color

The Heart of Mystery

                Mystery. It was embedded in her dark eyes, hinted at by her dress and though her lips parted at first only to smile, they whispered of it. I had no desire to solve her, like some detective in a cheap novel; no, she would not yield her secrets by way of clumsy persuasion. I … Continue reading The Heart of Mystery

The Drone Parade

Pull up the sheets and wish away the day. Shut your eyes and wish the world away. There is no love left in your menial, pathetic, drone parade. Marching to and from the hive you're not even alive, you're just another name.   You've traded all your time for pay. Money doesn't change hands, numbers … Continue reading The Drone Parade

Fumble Fuck

I'm a blind man, trying to feel my way around this system. I'm lost in intricate theatricals. I don't understand the symbols or their meaning, can't shake the feeling, this isn't going to end well.   I tried to take apart a person, just to see how they worked on the inside, but it can … Continue reading Fumble Fuck

Harbingers of The Angels

Red and blue. Red and blue lights. Red and blue light flashing, screaming, tearing through the quiet night. A terrible and beautiful display.   They light up the street and the stars seem to shrink away, as if giving space for the first responders to work.   On a path that takes me nowhere near … Continue reading Harbingers of The Angels

Love in A Physical Universe

How long has it been since you were last told that you are special and unique to the universe? Not only needed by the world, but necessary for its existence?   I know you have been feeling a little blurry around the edges; undefined, like an underexposed photograph. And I know you've been wanting that … Continue reading Love in A Physical Universe

The Interview

I split my tongue so that I could speak to you in a language you would understand. I sold my soul to a ghost, turns out he used to be a man, but I made out better than most; made something of his plan. Gone a while to the coast, maybe they'll bury me in … Continue reading The Interview

Early Morning Visitation

I heard your voice this morning and it had been more than a long time. I didn't call on you like I said I would, I was too ashamed.   You knew that I had broken all my promises and had let my lust linger in those old, dark places. I had begun to view … Continue reading Early Morning Visitation

Time of The Shaman

He prays towards Sirius at dusk. Draped in strips of colored cloth, Spartan in fashion, hanging with bright feathers and bones of reptiles.   He is calling on the universe, on that which lies above and below. Sometimes long dead elder gods, or ancestral spirits; he coaxes them down from the astral plane.   A … Continue reading Time of The Shaman

Falling Together

I watched you implode, brilliantly, like the stars you always wish on. Your beautiful edifice succumbed to unimaginable and unseen internal pressures.   You were always so full, of life, of love, of strength; I never would have believed if you told me that the weight was approaching violent, critical mass.   There was never … Continue reading Falling Together