ReBlog Wednesday – “Highway”

Highway – Hokus Grey There’s a place, or maybe it’s a time in our lives, where we enter unexplored territory. The dark reaches of our known universe where the light of our experiences and knowledge no longer shines. They show up as unfamiliar streets in cities we’ve never been. They can reveal themselves as choices … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Highway”

Litany of the Morning

Every morning we meet. Just me and the pen, and the paper, and the words, and the dark, and the hope, and the love, and the eventual disappointment.   Okay, there isn’t always “disappointment”. But there isn’t always “hope”, either. There is, however, always “love”, even if dimly registered. It is there; always.   Why … Continue reading Litany of the Morning

The Last Refuge of a Liar

There were times that it was all my imagination. I know, I swore for years that it was real, but now I see that it was all an illusion. I believed the symbols, never knowing what they meant.   Your attraction made you draw much closer than was probably safe for either you or I. … Continue reading The Last Refuge of a Liar

Ghosts of Wayward Lovers

All of my desires, all my fires, my life, my heart, the will to lift my eyes higher, are far away. Apart from me.   My soul is a wandering sparrow. My path is narrow, countenance harrowed, but I will follow them wherever they go.   Living the sentence of a ghost, condemned to haunt … Continue reading Ghosts of Wayward Lovers

The Law of Dreaming

You seldom come this low, down below. Where visions show and travelers embrace the smoke. These halls of all that is, has been and ever will be; you lose yourself in me, however temporarily.   I hold a mirror to you, when it breaks it shows a shower of unfamiliar faces, each with a fleeting … Continue reading The Law of Dreaming

Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light, sapphire blue suffusions. Reflections through spectrums of deep, red hearts pulsing, expanding with mass gathering faster that heat burns, hot white and corona yellow, in purity of conversion.   Bright soul of the brilliant fires, burned long, down to even, cold azure, off-gassing green luminescent and striking crystalline veins of … Continue reading Eyes That See in Color

The Art of Persuasion

A soft word in your ear, a bright and kindly smile, a warm, caressing touch, a gift in selfless style.   The firm, but stern address. The suggestion to do. The ridicule of those who do not share your views.   Stigmatize enemies. Foment great hate with lies, raise up our candidate. Opponents demonized.   … Continue reading The Art of Persuasion

There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

I'm going to deny everything and suppress the hollow threat against me. There are no ordinary ways to claim your way back home. I haven't been back in a while, but I know that the streets still smell like something old and rotten. Broken promises, fermented tears and fallow gardens.   I'm giving up on you … Continue reading There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

What Purpose?

I have been playing dead out of fear that the behemoth of time and duty will take me.   I have been feigning death, in hopes that the monster of my life will simply pass me by.   A childish man, hiding under the proverbial covers, safe only from imaginary boogeymen, but not from life. … Continue reading What Purpose?

Made In My Image

I held out an open hand trying to touch the world. I passed right through, I always knew it was an illusion. I cut myself and tried to bleed, since death is the only certainty; I was only so surprised to see wires and circuitry.   It turns out I am an illusion, too, Learning … Continue reading Made In My Image

My Inglorious Fate

Time, like water, only runs down and runs out. Might as well say I'll stay thirsty and late. I've avoided the law of the man, of the gods, now I'm left here sitting at the gate.   Rode the storm and boy, it was a long one. Wandered the desert and paid with lovers and … Continue reading My Inglorious Fate

Old Lizard Man

Under still, morning starlight, heart bright, the soul of the desert exudes heat, still lingering from the day in the ice blue night. Stretching out, long, like an old lizard, soaking up that ground heat and keeping an eye out for hawks.   Here among the rocks, out on the long, low plateau, in a … Continue reading Old Lizard Man

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given … Continue reading The Break Up

Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember, You say you forget. The words of the devil, whispering regrets. You’ve come so far, so far, so close you have kept; pain and a memory is all you have left.   Who is it that took you down? Who is it that put you on the ground? Who would you … Continue reading Who’s Laughing Now

Our Peace Country Home

The season is changing again and I'm tired of this town, but I'm stuck to you and I'm alright with that.   Not much changes, up here, under the immeasurable sky. The coyotes sing and the Aurora Borealis dances,  a shimmering, gossamer scarf across the sky.   It's no secret that I miss the mountains … Continue reading Our Peace Country Home

Old Ropes

There was once laughter that brought the danger. There was love that felt like pain and there were nights, that turned to daytime, things that I swore won't come again.   There were lots of little questions, there were pictures in the hall. When I came begging for the answers you had none at all. … Continue reading Old Ropes