Not a Friend

My words were never more

than just a whisper,

that only by good fortune

found your ear.

Across a world

of wind’s anticipation,

the deafening draw,

you heard me clear.

Everything I said

was to sustain you.

Syllables like meat and wine


I thought I was saving you.


How long,

did my ego

steer me wrong?

How callous and contrived

that it was whispered words

you’d need.

Not the touch,

the heat

of confrontation.

Who was I to think

that I could give you what you need?


I just couldn’t stand

to watch you wither.

I just couldn’t stand

to hear you cry.

I know now

that these were my burdens;

each one separated,

claimed by this divide.


So if my words,

though whispered full

of good intentions,

cannot ease the pain

that ensnares you,

I will move Heaven

and Earth will humble too,

so I can stand beside you

and see life from your view.


I was so arrogant to think

that I could fix you.

I was a fool to think

I had just what you need.


like a fool,

I will do what must be done

to be beside you;

not a friend,

but a belief.


HG – 2017

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