I climbed down from vaunted places, high enough to touch the whole world in a day, perceive it in an hour, consider and pass judgement upon it, grow tired and ultimately neglect it.   I watched it turn, but grew weary of its revolutions and I longed to walk again amongst its oceans, bathe in […]

Prison Skin

Thought you were ready to run? Thought you were ready to go? All fucked up on the answers of all that you had to know. Now that you have the keys; you’ve killed a jailer or two. Can you work the lock from the inside? Are you sure you want to? The world out there […]

The Always Fading Light

Divorced from consequences, we tried to learn to be our own. Eschewing vital issues, so overwhelming, all these emotions cut the lead and we’re alone.   Never settled for mediocrity, that happy medium called “suicide”.   A grand conflagration lights the night, so we can find our way on the outside, burning our old selves […]

Look Both Ways

I’ve got that “I’m missing something” feeling, picking at my brain and I’m not sure if I’m seeking in the wrong place.   Is it something long forgotten? A past touchstone? A memory that makes up who I am and more?   Did someone whisper to me a secret that I was to keep and […]

Bad Math

Silence is a very effective weapon. You never hear the one that gets you. Blocking out negative assimilations; we’re visual ad infinitum.   So if you bind us and change the stimulation, we quickly turn to panic in our heads. We cross the line for fear of sequestration; silent and alone is nearly dead.   […]


We have been going out of our way to avoid this as best we can, but words aren’t such a simple thing when we don’t understand.   I give to you, you give to me, exchanges that supplant the feeling we know we need, but we don’t understand.   It’s been a while since either […]

You and The Infinite

Open the door, that’s the first step to let it in, to let it out. Now, take one step and then again; you’re on your way towards the end.   I have no way to entice you forward, upward and out of your mind. I see you, as if sitting in a prison; eyes blind, […]

Baby Wings

I’ve been hanging on so tight. I’ve been digging deep to keep the fight in me alive. The drive inside is all that I have, now my grip is stripping my fingers to the bone   Why can’t I fight harder? Why can’t I be stronger? Why is this enemy so much more to conquer? […]


I see you. You’re in the light of a new day’s soft, gentle light, and your face is calm, eyes looking far off; holding your arms out wide, like you’re gonna fly.   That is some amazing faith. I never thought I’d see the day, that you’d put all your cares away and try to […]

Fuck Memory Lane

Fuck Memory Lane, that once shining path; seeded now with derelict, abandoned touchstones.   Never-Were’s and Never-Was’s.   Like cutting a vein and just getting dust. Harrowing the objector.   I’m not sure my life ever made sense. I was birthed and borne as a man, but lived on poison like a reject. Fed fear […]

Children in Twilight

It looks like the dawn won’t come; one more race that won’t be run. That one last trip around the Sun, is done.   Now we’ll have to deal with dark. The plans we made, remade to start in now unseen, mysterious ways. We have no morning; only days.   If we exist without the […]

Questions and a Loaded Gun

It’s in between the eyes and the mind, this subtle disconnection. Seeing what must be believed, so deceived. The treasure rests in beauty, cannot be conceived.   I was ready for the next thing; some unforgettable event. Tried the elixir and over the edge I went. Such a perfect picture, taken in the wind, distorted […]

The Flood

The water’s coming up. Yeah, that old Spring thaw. Brought rain from the mountains, more rain than we had seen in a long time.   In the night, the river overflowed its banks, washing way homes and people and dreams.   It’s easy to underestimate the power of water. One drop from the sky, one […]

The Great-Blue-Forever

We move fast, keeping our speed up. We need to break the hold of this angry summer. Foot down, pushing that pedal to the floor, eating up the blacktop in a vain race; as if we could change our attitude.   We said “Fuck it!” and blew past every gas station; knowing this was a […]

Lesson #556

Yesterday sucked, right up until the end. Tomorrow bears no better prospects; it looks like it’s going to suck, too.   Today, for all its potential for bullshit, is a blank slate, a brick of unmolded clay. Forge the iron in front of you, don’t dwell on what was, or what might be.   Deal […]


I don’t remember how it felt to touch you. I don’t remember my hands on your skin. Casting my mind back seems ineffective, I just end up here; alone again.   There’s no knowledge of your face, or ministrations. There’s no sense of the smell of your hair. My mind has lost some critical detail; […]


A trap was set with the very best of intent to catch us now. How could we forget? They never saw us coming from the west. We took the long way around; no one expected this…   …give me a second… …I lost my train of thought, but not my mind; at least, not entirely. […]


Wrapped up in consequences, so concerned with what happens in those small hours, between nine and five. Trapped almost fairly, but they can’t assuage the part of you that watches as you die.   You used to have wings. Where did they go? All of these things are a weight on your soul. You used […]

Old Sun and Moon

A top floor window view of the whole city, contemplative perch, taking in the hazy, afternoon sun or tracing a lattice work of streets and lights.   I never really see the Sun, I never really see the Moon, but I know they are there.   In the middle of my 800mg mornings I remember […]

And Earth in Between

Face the Opposition, never let it lie. Hold your position, fight until you die.   No compromise no anger, just the truth and bone and Heaven above you, Hell below.   Let no insipid visions seat upon your brow. Though challenges beset you, take them with you, as you’re going down.   There’s more to […]