Old Ropes

There was once laughter

that brought the danger.

There was love

that felt like pain

and there were nights,

that turned to daytime,

things that I swore

won’t come again.


There were lots

of little questions,

there were pictures

in the hall.

When I came begging

for the answers

you had none at all.


You know I begged God

that I wouldn’t have to

live this life again.

So far, He’s keeping His word,

I’m moving on,

but I can’t stop the end.


I’ve traded all my best lies

for a flower I placed

on the grave of a friend.

I played a small role

in the circumstances;

odd turn of events.


I’ve been leading my life;


I’ve moved on from all of you.

There was never room

for a place to place

my favorite point of view.

I’ve lost my mind

and with it went

some of my best friends.

I guess they were

all just in my head.


I’ve been back there

to the places

where we buried

our hopes

and I came

to dig them up

in the storm.

But that’s

not the way

the world works


all those old ropes

won’t hold



There are ashes

from cigarettes

piling up now,

but the rain

will soon wash

them away.

I’ll remember you

long as my memories hold;

until I’m laying cold

in the grave.


HG – 2016

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