The Shit Disturber

She really asks a lot

of really stupid questions.

Like that time

when she wanted to know

why big media companies

are often chaired

by the same people

who are on the boards

of big arms companies.


I mean,

who asks that?


Or that other time,

when she asked

why big environmental groups

were led by powerful lawyers

that make millions

from suing energy and industry,

but return little,

if any,

of their huge retainers to the causes

they claim to so stridently fight for.



You’ve got to be

a little bit wrong in the head

to ask those questions

and actually expect answers.


She might as well be asking

about the existence of aliens,

though I’m sure that would at least

illicit some kind of response,

rather than the glossy eyed

and slack jawed looks

that she gets when she asks

about the death of the family farm

and the unnerving growth of agri-business,

that leave unaccountable,

multi-national conglomerates

more and more in control of food production.


Or, the uncomfortable,

pensive silences that she receives

when she asks why corporate media

sells blocks of space and time

in their publications

and on their broadcasts

to other big multi-national

corporate interests

in a practice known as,

“Sponsored Content”.


As if she can just come out

and ask any old question

that pops into her head

and expect people not to think

she’s at least a little dumb,


that’s beyond me.


Questions like that,

well, they’re just asking for trouble.

Why can’t she be more like the other girls.

No one likes a shit disturber.


HG – 2016

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