Time Line

Time will draw a line between us,

as we vie for acceptance,

getting what we beg for

and then smiling proud with promise.


Once I heard the rush

of the life blood in your veins,

ever since the touch,

you seem further away.

Drew up your plans for success,

prayed for love and life and progress;

in answer, time rushed past,

I wonder if you even noticed.


Every bond we’ve ever forged

will die on the vine and wither.

Ever bridge we’ve ever built,

will crumble down inside the fire

and the only we hope we have

to remain one and together,

is the respect for all the jokes time plays

and the love for each other.


I might never face the change

like you did.

God knows you’ve done it

were I never would.

Everyone makes their own mistakes,

it’s all in how you come through it;

you decide to take the change

and make it good.


Did we decide,

or was it fate or time,

that put us on the same path,

made us walk the same line?

The same one that now divides,

one of us on either side.


We would stand forever,

in the night we seemed so sure of it,

but all good lies must die in time;

two of the same – now opposites.

I’ve said all my good-byes

to friends and enemies,

I’ve let the candle die

and killed that part of me.


HG – 2000-2005

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