Doomsday Machine

So, this is where things get awkward. Words don't come easily, but I promised myself that I would be honest. There's an infinity between you and I and I've counted all my blessings; gazing out at the stars, so alone and comfortable.   Here we are, building an atom bomb without ever thinking that this … Continue reading Doomsday Machine


Every morning is another chance to change. Every evening she sees that everything has stayed the same. Those smiling eyes are still so far away and it doesn't seem to matter what's the trouble with being loved.   She's got a new look on. Her makeup done. New dress she bought and hair that cost … Continue reading Fledgling

They Don’t Mean Anything

I don't know what to do, or what to say, so I'll say everything, do everything. In the absence of a plan, I'm just hammering away at this wall, trying to break it down.   We thought we were building a home, not a prison. The ineffectual tears, the sadness that never meant anything, or … Continue reading They Don’t Mean Anything

Ocean Side

A sign of an imminent change. A lie as it escapes your lips. I was afraid, that these windows let too much light in, but now, here you stand, bathed in white radiance; never more beautiful, never more receding.   Trust is a sign of comfort; anachronistic to the way the world is. We stand … Continue reading Ocean Side

Just Date Night

You look beautiful in that dress; dark, but not black, thin, spaghetti straps, hidden in the way your hair falls about your shoulders.   You look like a picture. In the light, right there, you would fit in in New York, or Paris, but we’re just going out to our favorite place. A get-away from … Continue reading Just Date Night

Other Humans

Just a simple regular person, day to day business nine to five friendships. Plans for the weekend, car payments, mortgage, kids and a lover, partner, friend and significant other, too.   So why are you so sad? Why do you try to see what's there just beyond those nasty little indecisions that make you question … Continue reading Other Humans

Emancipation of a Suburban Marriage

I don't think I have ever understood you; not on any real level, anyway. We have lived and shared and known so much of each other, but I don't think I know the secrets of your heart.   Perhaps this is my shortcoming. I have not been driven and intrepid enough to bare the unexplored … Continue reading Emancipation of a Suburban Marriage

What’s The Difference?

You said it was something I said. I was just remembering yesterday. You said it was something I did, but I can't remember it either way.   Now you screamed and you cried and you tried to convince me. Yeah, you win. You're right, but I don't see the difference.   You were in a … Continue reading What’s The Difference?

Hope and A Desperate Embrace

I slide the shutters open to let in the morning sun. These old shutters have rusted, so they want to stay shut, but with a little bit of gentle coercion and no small amount of cursing, they relent, and sunlight slices into the room.   This old house, has not know the presence of a … Continue reading Hope and A Desperate Embrace

A Cleansing Storm

I need to clear my mind. I need to clear my head. I need to clean the slate. Lately it never ends.   Blow it all away. Wash it down the drain, like a cleansing summer rain. I've been strung out on pain, divided against myself, finding me in my way, stay seeking something else. … Continue reading A Cleansing Storm

The Betrayal

I gave you comfort and safety and this is how you repay me? You fucking betray me? This is why good men go crazy. Driven to the edge by those they sought to protect. There's a point to this, I guess.   It doesn't matter, We'll just fuck it up again. Sometimes, I think we … Continue reading The Betrayal

Footsteps Like The Wind

What does it matter? Just let it all go. Fight the good fight, but don’t let it follow you home. Come in from the night, the cold and the dark; you’ve taken feeling discomfort and to being an art.   Whatever; just do whatever you want. We’ll be here when it all falls apart. Cleaning … Continue reading Footsteps Like The Wind

Pretty Little Rituals

It's been a long-ass night. Didn't plan on it all actually working. When something comes together and everything goes right at the right time, for the first time, in an long time.   One moment - all we've got is us. Never needed any more, this is the world we trust.   To have and … Continue reading Pretty Little Rituals

Forever Us

What do I have to say except, "I love you"? All the other words are failing me. You've been the reason that I've fought these battles. Struggled on despite my frailty.   As we grow, I hope our hearts follow. Feed them all the love we've ever known. But this world is hard, even when … Continue reading Forever Us

Time Line

Time will draw a line between us, as we vie for acceptance, getting what we beg for and then smiling proud with promise.   Once I heard the rush of the life blood in your veins, ever since the touch, you seem further away. Drew up your plans for success, prayed for love and life … Continue reading Time Line