Been Through

No waste - Just taste Denied every other pleasure. A long time gone, facing torment beyond measure. Left reassured that it's all over, abandoned past that haunts forever.   Standing on top of a pain felt so long, so many months into years, I've been wrong. First to admit that I faced down some shit, … Continue reading Been Through

Anywhere but Forward

Stuck in neutral, these bloodshot eyes say it all. Severed from energy, caught in starvation's thrall.   Rebirth the anti-Christ. Hang and bleed.   It don't matter no more. Just an excuse, or alibi away from me to go anywhere but forward.   Want to let go, but the nothing is so comforting. If only … Continue reading Anywhere but Forward


I got down - dog tired, dried out - and drunk again. Was laid out a long time, lost myself and my friends.   I guess that's the price you pay to feel a little better than you probably deserve most times. Got to find a better way than these masters I usually serve; don't … Continue reading Medicine

Fat City Retox

Detox, clean a long time now. Retox, Gotta get the fuck out. Been held hostage by it all, every drink and powder. All my friends watched me fall, gave it up for depression.   There comes a time when wasting don't get all that special. Any alcoholic knows it feels like the devil. But this … Continue reading Fat City Retox

Drinking With My Dark Past…. And Loving It!

I gather all my specters from the deep waters and sing songs to long gone wisps of memory that once held me in chains. We drink deeply of melancholic elixirs, imbibing of the dear lost ones; while predicting with drunken certainty things still to happen. I have some very rambunctious skeletons. They have never stayed … Continue reading Drinking With My Dark Past…. And Loving It!