Happy Halloween

Here are a few of my favorites. One, "The Monolith", which was written in homage to the late, horror author and cult mythos creator H.P. Lovecraft. The second is a perennial favorite of mine, which I share every Halloween, "The Vampire" by Lord Byron. http://hokusgrey.com/2015/04/20/the-monolith/ http://hokusgrey.com/2015/10/29/the-vampyre-lord-byron/ Have a safe and scary Halloween!

Pt 1 – The Harrower of Souls

I have walked among darkening shadows, down windswept lanes resplendent in their late autumn fare. With night falling quickly, the bare trees that line the path reach out with spindle fingers, to quicken my step and hasten me on. Even though I profess a scientific mind, for no sum would I dare stop, in the … Continue reading Pt 1 – The Harrower of Souls


Come outside into the light of a summer sun, let it burn away insecurity, self hate and shame.   Let's go far away from this place, from yesterday. Where the warm sand meets water, meets sky.   Right now - we can start again. Right here - we don't need a plan. We've been trapped … Continue reading Jailbreak

About “GFY”

Not everything that gets written is gold, far from it. One of the most enjoyable things about being creative is exploring and playing with ideas and having fun with them. Don't limit yourself to one type of expression, let the expression choose its own form. You never know when something is going to become something else. Like that … Continue reading About “GFY”

Drinking With My Dark Past…. And Loving It!

I gather all my specters from the deep waters and sing songs to long gone wisps of memory that once held me in chains. We drink deeply of melancholic elixirs, imbibing of the dear lost ones; while predicting with drunken certainty things still to happen. I have some very rambunctious skeletons. They have never stayed … Continue reading Drinking With My Dark Past…. And Loving It!