Mental Health Monday – 05.09.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The first step – Waking up and starting the day. When we’re in a low spot in our lives it feels like the whole world says “Why bother?”. It’s like the gravitational force of our bed is a thousand times normal. Our eyes won’t open, won’t focus, and we’re actively seeking some reason to […]

The Fear Diary

A little bit of trepidation is natural, after all death is an ever-present fellow and consequence hangs around here, also. I hope you didn’t think the ride was free?   The future is fraught with danger and I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t afraid. In fact, I have been terrified for […]

Little Crusades

So ready to accept the lie, so easy to avoid the truth, never thought that much at all about the pain or the abuse. Smile like you like it all driving its way into you.   Like a dull war, we never paid attention while the battle waged on and on. You said, you kept […]


It’s okay, we’re all allowed to make the change, or stay the same; whatever gets you through the day, to the next one and the next one. Amen.   Give it all you’ve got, or not. It’s just going to be you standing in the queue waiting for judgement. Whether it comes, or not; it […]

A Picture in a Frame

A photograph of you used to mean so much, used to say those words, used to hold your touch, but now they’re cheap and love is gone; the frame discarded for another one.   My words were golden, just like your hair. Whenever we spoke, whenever we could bear, but I can’t remember the last […]


In between the lines, is what they really think of you. Their smiles are all teeth, all the better to devour you with. It’s something in between their eyes and their hands outstretched that makes you scream out that they are no friends.   I’d rather trust the storm of infinity than be so deceived […]

Everyone’s Afraid

No one knows the way to the other side, but they say they know the place and the time that makes the pain go away. If it’s safe, they’ll tell you that they don’t really know. Everyone’s afraid the same.   Hope is a gift left reserved for the dislocated. Time is the door and […]

Listening to Angels

Listen to the rhythms of a world gone slow, breathing temp seductive in the ebb and flow. There are expressions on our faces as we sleep; revealing our dreams, our need to be comforted by something, any little thing. Be it the arms wrapped around us, or that voice in our ear telling us that […]

You and The Infinite

Open the door, that’s the first step to let it in, to let it out. Now, take one step and then again; you’re on your way towards the end.   I have no way to entice you forward, upward and out of your mind. I see you, as if sitting in a prison; eyes blind, […]

The Crooked Man

Come to; back in the old place. Each heartbeat,  sweats and staggers, the vision; a tilted view. The story of a crooked man.   He went down to the shore to wallow in his discontentm drinking seawater to stave off the scourge of sanity. He never noticed, the figure standing idly by, watching his distemper […]

Children in Twilight

It looks like the dawn won’t come; one more race that won’t be run. That one last trip around the Sun, is done.   Now we’ll have to deal with dark. The plans we made, remade to start in now unseen, mysterious ways. We have no morning; only days.   If we exist without the […]

Questions and a Loaded Gun

It’s in between the eyes and the mind, this subtle disconnection. Seeing what must be believed, so deceived. The treasure rests in beauty, cannot be conceived.   I was ready for the next thing; some unforgettable event. Tried the elixir and over the edge I went. Such a perfect picture, taken in the wind, distorted […]

Obligatory Mother’s Day Poem ;)

I wasn’t going to write her a Mother’s Day poem. I wasn’t going to write her a Mother’s Day poem and publish it on my blog. I wasn’t going to do that, because the idea felt dishonest and contrived and insincere.   But here we are; me doing yet another one of those things that […]

Lesson #556

Yesterday sucked, right up until the end. Tomorrow bears no better prospects; it looks like it’s going to suck, too.   Today, for all its potential for bullshit, is a blank slate, a brick of unmolded clay. Forge the iron in front of you, don’t dwell on what was, or what might be.   Deal […]

Prince of Paupers

Some comfort, done with the tragic colors. Some safety, wish I could offer you my heart to keep you, my bravery to save, I’m not using them anyway.   Long ago, I retired to a cold place. Such perfect redemption. The smile upon your face is worth another round of days. A wish that I […]


Wrapped up in consequences, so concerned with what happens in those small hours, between nine and five. Trapped almost fairly, but they can’t assuage the part of you that watches as you die.   You used to have wings. Where did they go? All of these things are a weight on your soul. You used […]

Imaginary Friends

I think I only imagined you. You were never really there, just an optical illusion. A way to keep me in my skin, a thought beyond compare, an irreparable world view.   Unique is the nicest word they had to describe me. In my own little way, I offered a real life to you. What […]

Life Preserver

I think I’m upside down, head in the water, now. Trouble with breathing, too. Nothing that I can do. Struggle to right myself, clinging to life itself. Water just remains blue, reflecting the sky at you. I’ve never drown before, don’t want to anymore. Wonder what holds me in this deadly position. How did I […]


They say that it’s OK. We can be any kind of way. Everybody has a little larceny in them, but I don’t want to offend, or be their friend. It’s just so easy and I just lose myself in the end.   I gave up drugs and nicotine to be the man that I could […]