Puzzle Box

Emotional, at least I thought you were. Both of us never in doubt. Hopeful, without benefit of anything that told us so; we went on faith.   Now it seems as if we were wrong, in oh, so many ways. Learning the hard way, that hope is not a prayer. Maybe we were idle when […]


The days are getting longer, with each morning burning up the sky. Every evening stretching out the light and the eyes change to compensate.   Never been so sure in my whole life. Always been wrong, clutching a scientific mind, but these days march with the in crowd to the beat of our own drum. […]

The War For All Time

Dust off your wings, you’re going to need them. Grab your gun, it’s gonna be crazy. I can assure you, that you’ll miss the safety of yesterday’s comforts, of certainty’s lie.   We’re going up, higher than angels. We’re gonna fight; we’ll win or we’ll die. The torrent of oceans, inside we’re tornados, tearing down […]

Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from […]

Breath of A Warning

It’s been amazing, a real, good time to set aside differences and talk as equals. Now, I’m not ashamed of who I am and what I’ve done, because I’ve let it go and I’ve moved on.   But when I get up to leave from our quiet reverie, you’re grabbing my arm, trying to pull […]


Every day we struggle through the same old spiral. Trying to be, but not quite finding a way. Get a grip, then it slips on the next stage.   It’s like chrysalis that doesn’t change a thing; we don’t gain our wings, we are the same as ever. As if at some crucial moment, we […]

Rise and Shine

  Rise and shine. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Look at me and smile; we’re going to be fine.   I know that there’s a lot of weight waiting and a whole lot of blame for taking. Just the other side of that door, is a game that’s not worth playing.   There’s […]


Wrapped up in consequences, so concerned with what happens in those small hours, between nine and five. Trapped almost fairly, but they can’t assuage the part of you that watches as you die.   You used to have wings. Where did they go? All of these things are a weight on your soul. You used […]

Sheep Dog

The night comes, deep and cold. Under the brilliant light of the full moon, the flocks in the field glow white.   They have finally quieted, after something in the night spooked them. Their bleating I fear will draw the wolves down from the high mountains. For now at least, the cold has them huddled […]


Sometimes, there are no easy ways out. Sometimes, all there is is the war. Attacks that never stop, assaults that never cease; there is no peace for the unapologetic.   I’ve fanned the flames of rage and hate and desire, poured a little gas onto the fire and watched as it burned all that I […]

What’s The Difference?

You said it was something I said. I was just remembering yesterday. You said it was something I did, but I can’t remember it either way.   Now you screamed and you cried and you tried to convince me. Yeah, you win. You’re right, but I don’t see the difference.   You were in a […]

The Underdog

I am made of big mistakes and a few lucky shots, a few well timed words, a few ill-fated attempts.   I am drawn not to greater fortunes; it seems I always select the hard way. The adversarial challenge. The lost cause. The underdog.   I’m not in the habit, of good habits, or doing […]

Carpe Diem

Take today. Seize it, pilfer it and steal it away. Don’t let it stray. Trap it and ensnare it, make time your prey. Feed on it, consume it, lest it go to waste.   Your time here is but a meager ration. Live it in any fashion you can imagine. Live it how you please. […]

Love The Fight

Who do you love? What do you crave? Is your fantasy worth fighting for? Are your dreams worth being saved? Will you rise up and take them back from grave? What price would you pay?   Rising before the sun, we lead the march to war. Like the angels proclaim The One, we believe in […]

Anywhere but Forward

Stuck in neutral, these bloodshot eyes say it all. Severed from energy, caught in starvation’s thrall.   Rebirth the anti-Christ. Hang and bleed.   It don’t matter no more. Just an excuse, or alibi away from me to go anywhere but forward.   Want to let go, but the nothing is so comforting. If only […]

Invitation To A Fight

Approaching the expression with no regard for caution slave away for somethin’ I don’t even need.   Calling on you to find me in my brilliant night, for I have been blinded by delight – and never missed them.   Hope is like a long forgotten, misbegotten, woman that I kissed, then twisted out of […]