Road Trippin’

The wheels roll. The wheels roll and I roll with them. Road Trip Rules; no one speaks of the past miles. No one complains about the music; like the destination, it doesn't matter.   We have set our eyes on a place as far away as the sky and blasted off; flat land our launch … Continue reading Road Trippin’

Questions and a Loaded Gun

It's in between the eyes and the mind, this subtle disconnection. Seeing what must be believed, so deceived. The treasure rests in beauty, cannot be conceived.   I was ready for the next thing; some unforgettable event. Tried the elixir and over the edge I went. Such a perfect picture, taken in the wind, distorted … Continue reading Questions and a Loaded Gun


Suffer, but never recover. The things we are after are meaningless. All we receive is more trouble, I’ve seen it double. You’re bleeding out and I’m digging under.   Spend all your time, your money, your effort, your soul thinking that you’re in control. I can give you everything, just a chemical reaction in your … Continue reading Dopamine

Redundant Life

Dropped out - Ground down So proud - Now loud unbound. I've come - Gone long - Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you'll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen - feeding the … Continue reading Redundant Life

Been Through

No waste - Just taste Denied every other pleasure. A long time gone, facing torment beyond measure. Left reassured that it's all over, abandoned past that haunts forever.   Standing on top of a pain felt so long, so many months into years, I've been wrong. First to admit that I faced down some shit, … Continue reading Been Through

One Time

So wrong - So right - Never mattered in any scheme I've ever been a part, adds another facet to the shard stuck in my heart. Begged forgiveness, but good and evil just melted away. In this rush - I am hushed, there's so little left to say. Need friends - the company of demons … Continue reading One Time

Anywhere but Forward

Stuck in neutral, these bloodshot eyes say it all. Severed from energy, caught in starvation's thrall.   Rebirth the anti-Christ. Hang and bleed.   It don't matter no more. Just an excuse, or alibi away from me to go anywhere but forward.   Want to let go, but the nothing is so comforting. If only … Continue reading Anywhere but Forward

A Real Life of Waste

There is an instant when the question begs an answer and procrastination just don't make the grade. All the hours spent in harmful distraction are ever really worth the prices paid. A need unfilled provides a way into me for every harmful and angry impulse. No self-destruction, but what comforts me, is an embrace with … Continue reading A Real Life of Waste


I got down - dog tired, dried out - and drunk again. Was laid out a long time, lost myself and my friends.   I guess that's the price you pay to feel a little better than you probably deserve most times. Got to find a better way than these masters I usually serve; don't … Continue reading Medicine

Easing the Descent

She's sitting on the window sill, sliding down the wall, drunk - or merely giving in to a sick compulsion's call and a withered man says pray and save, but he don't understand at all; easing the descent ain't quite that easy - believe me-   Hands let her down slowly, words aren't all that … Continue reading Easing the Descent

Meth Head

Too young to be numb, just right for the dumb. Cooked in a kitchen and sold to your suburb. A little bit of our reality, sold by the point to your child. Missing light bulbs stare you in the face, never notice that we freebase. Suck back plastic shards into the lungs, sheds from within; … Continue reading Meth Head

The Thinnest Thread

I was just a boy when the stapled their tag to my forehead, had to play along to their songs; hanging by the thinnest thread.   So now I'm grown up, a little, but in mind a lot more bitter. I've shed logos and slogans, traded up my life for litter. Dropped out and acid, … Continue reading The Thinnest Thread


Long nights and daydreams, a mind stretching past all sensation. Pass off this consequence as just one more aggravation now annoying this young man. Out the heathen's healing hands.   God is not here - not there, no face, no hope, no fear, must find it otherwhere.   Hidden holiness is rising to ridiculous, so … Continue reading Otherwhere