Anywhere but Forward

Stuck in neutral,

these bloodshot eyes say it all.

Severed from energy,

caught in starvation’s thrall.


Rebirth the anti-Christ.

Hang and bleed.


It don’t matter no more.

Just an excuse, or alibi

away from me

to go anywhere but forward.


Want to let go,

but the nothing

is so comforting.

If only I’d known,

it’s my shame,

I’m to blame,

but all this shit remains.

In vain I try to plot a course ahead.

Alright – Low time

Trapped inside – Undead


Once you’ve given up on life,

it’s so easy to lay down and die,

’cause the deeper you go – more you’re stuck,

so fucked – so hard to move on,

believe me, I’ve tried

and succeeded against this



Ambition driven and disciplined.

Phobia of forward motion.

So why not close the eyes

and take the first and final step

towards my life and my demise.


In a suspended state

I’ll just wither

and stagnate and waste.

Tragedy can’t be all that

I have created to date.

I must seek outside,

this inside’s out,

not gaining or losing now;

ascending through reality.

In the skin and out the mouth.


Going anywhere but forward.

Zombified inside the coward.

Exorcism of my soul

to set my life alight

in deed and words.


-Will die-

-Can’t live-

-Dead inside-


HG – 2000-2005

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