I got down – dog tired,

dried out – and drunk again.

Was laid out a long time,

lost myself and my friends.


I guess that’s the price you pay

to feel a little better

than you probably deserve

most times.

Got to find a better way

than these masters

I usually serve;

don’t wanna die.


I heard that sun is comin’ soon.

I can finally leave this room

and begin to heal these wounds;

live life alive.


Not hiding away.

Not safe in decay,

just making each moment

and living each day.

Broke it down – build my own

won’t let it all just fade away.

Make stronger – Let go

Half a heart will only failure make.

Learn from my success and my mistakes.


Hold on… to what makes you

Let go… see where it takes you.


Drug out – hard wired

Make it up as I go along.

Wasted too much time already,

now it’s time to move on.

Fixin’ up instead of fixin’ out,

trading death for kinder fortune.

There’s so much left here to figure out,

nothing safe and nothing certain.


HG – 2000-2005

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