It Builds Character

"Character, it builds character, that's what it does; hardship and struggle, I mean. They make you who you are."   I guess that implies something good. That those whose lives are built of hardships, losses, defeats, failures and struggle; these are the Blessed. These are the fortunate. The oppressed and the downtrodden; these are the … Continue reading It Builds Character

“Remember This, My Son”

Sudden impacts and slow, incremental increases in pressure often have the same outcome. Shattered. Smashed. Pulverized to dust. Fractured. Wasted. Never again whole.   There's an insidious edge that we all must creep along. Thin, like early winter ice traversed at our peril. We deny ourselves, for we equate loneliness with bravery. We turn aside … Continue reading “Remember This, My Son”

Anywhere but Forward

Stuck in neutral, these bloodshot eyes say it all. Severed from energy, caught in starvation's thrall.   Rebirth the anti-Christ. Hang and bleed.   It don't matter no more. Just an excuse, or alibi away from me to go anywhere but forward.   Want to let go, but the nothing is so comforting. If only … Continue reading Anywhere but Forward

Obscure Permanent Vacation

Drawn into the life at a young age with no boundary of a family to keep one's feet on the ground. Harnessing energy at this stage, to erase my enemy and take back my mind from the clouds.   There is no soul here, hopeless, without fear. I can see the way clear of these … Continue reading Obscure Permanent Vacation