Reblog Wednesday – “Alternate Ending” Letters to ourselves. Rolled up and stuffed into empty vessels and pitched into the sea of Time. We wonder. We doubt. We regret. Shame and helplessness haunt us. Long shadows of things behind us, stretching into our present in the low light of day. We can’t escape who we were, and we can’t help … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Alternate Ending”

Mental Health Monday – 05.29.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness It doesn't have to be pretty. In fact, most of the time, it's not. Growth is painful. Trauma, wounds, disease, distemper - these are messy. Chaotic. We are works in progress. We're newborns, still covered in amniotic fluid. We're masterpieces that are still just smears of paint, half-formed sketches, and nonsense words. We might … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.29.23

Dance of the Day

  Break time. Consciousness a tough sell. No more distracting, the veneer is worn thin. Posing and laughing, dressing up, and dancing the dance of the day, doesn’t mean the ghosts still sleep. Cover comes away, and all the shadows spread out into the corners. Take up strategic posts, like sentry friends, or hunting spiders. … Continue reading Dance of the Day


  Obsession, clawed her way through bramble chasms up to Heaven’s Gate. Denial was never a syllable in her name. Constantly reflecting, she was made up of everything. No end. No consequence. Merely another piercing infatuation. Sleep, when dreams occur, for her, was just further motivation. An artist, seeking to perfect the flaws in creation. … Continue reading Obsession

Empty Vessels

  Reaching out, and reaching in. Find the edges, find the rim. Take a look inside and find another empty vessel. Touch is just a link to this, like the wind brings the rain to kiss the parched lips of her. Alleviate the pain. Soon she will be past her banks. Sensation, an all-consuming river. … Continue reading Empty Vessels

The Procedure

  Sedation up. Count down from one hundred. Slipping into a blissful nowhere while we work on you, separate you from your existence. Something’s been getting in the way, causing interference. Find the foreign device operating at your frequency and remove it. Putting this all back together is going to be an impressive feat. Patient … Continue reading The Procedure


  Please remain calm. This cataclysm is just getting underway. Prime Time is for natural disasters. This one is man made. Please try to stay silent, we are setting up the controlled climate change. There’ll be time for panic later. You can run around and scream. Set fire to your iPhone. Peel your face right … Continue reading P.S.A.

Ghosts and Aliens

  Trading thoughts with ghosts and words with aliens. Thoughts in my head. Voices out of my mind. Slurs and epithets, cultural distinctions. For we all come from different worlds. Different minds, differing opinions, only leave a valley to explore. The gap between us shouldn’t fill with fear, but it instead draws us inward, outward … Continue reading Ghosts and Aliens

Blood for Blood

  Put the blood in. There is no other way to make the change. Endeavor to speak harmless words, but your tongue always comes out dripping crimson. “Hope” is just an empty promise. “Truth” a hidden blade that hungers for a sin to sell it. There are no other ways. Humanity decays. We’re all dying … Continue reading Blood for Blood

Cataract Smoke

  Used to be easy to see. Clear sky, elusive as a dream. Under threat and duress, no possibilities express themselves. Constant quarry in the day. No ally here on this stage. Lost in the impossible, but not inclined to cave. Push, and feel the push back. Lean into resistance. Don’t quit. The only sure … Continue reading Cataract Smoke

A Debt of Truth

  A debt of truth. Hardly what I wanted to leave with you. Thought I had my eyes set on a higher view. Never repenting. Never resting in sorrow, but reflecting on what tomorrow might bring. Something new. Some kind of truth. Easier to speak, now that I’m gone. Here in the dark, before the … Continue reading A Debt of Truth