Fat City Retox


clean a long time now.


Gotta get the fuck out.

Been held hostage by it all,

every drink and powder.

All my friends watched me fall,

gave it up for depression.


There comes a time when wasting

don’t get all that special.

Any alcoholic knows

it feels like the devil.

But this hard earned clean time,

it just don’t keep pace.

Wanna drain the mind,


smile on my face.


Clean time,

got to revive the system.

Life line,

now I’m feeling that wisdom.


You scare away yourself,

trashed you can do no more.

Friends look at you sideways

as you’re lying on their floor.

Take a week off,

maybe two or three,

till the boredom gets so bad

you can’t even sleep

Pull the time out

get back with your friends,

’cause here in Fat City

the fun never ends.


HG – 2000-2005

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