Last Days of The Sun

I close my eyes and try to picture you. All I see is the purest blue. I guess light is a particle, too. All along its wavelength, I feel my way; color blind, or desensitized.   I’ve been waiting my whole life to see you. All of these are invitations; every word a summoning. I’ve […]

Look Both Ways

I’ve got that “I’m missing something” feeling, picking at my brain and I’m not sure if I’m seeking in the wrong place.   Is it something long forgotten? A past touchstone? A memory that makes up who I am and more?   Did someone whisper to me a secret that I was to keep and […]

Above Me Below

I have walked up above. I have been lost below. My faith in a dangerous place, paying the cost I know. I have been in pain and I have been afraid. I do it anyway; whatever it takes to kill the day.   I have seen no end of charlatans and madmen. I looked into […]

Finding Grace

She thought that he was nothing but trouble, the way his eyes and smile made her want to do wrong, but he never asked her to do wrong, so she just kept moving on.   She thought she’d found an answer, between the walls of a prison cell; that looked an awful lot like domestic […]