Gut Check

  This is where you stand amongst your angels and your demons. Learned to speak their languages, righteousness and sin, the accurate and the aimless. Cut off ties that bind and thoughts that linger. In the darkness of cold morning, seeking solace amongst the suffering, for only in the aftermath could anyone know deliverance. “Are … Continue reading Gut Check

Singing to Myself

. Singing to myself. Trying to drown out the ever-present sound of Heaven coming down. That high transistor whine of some electrical device. This world used to be quiet. Now, it hums like its alive. The ringing in my ears. The voices in my head. Good thing I know the lyrics, or by now I’d … Continue reading Singing to Myself

Breaking Even

Put it down tonight. You want trouble? Well, you’re gonna find it. Everything will be alright if you can put aside all the heart behind it. That chip on your shoulder tell me all I’ll ever need to know about you. You’re the one who felt the lash, and then couldn’t wait for your turn … Continue reading Breaking Even

Wind and Stone

  What is the nature of our struggle? Words of the air, or images in stone? We raise our eyes in times of trouble, Hoping that someone is watching us below. Hearts so heavy we cannot bear them. Seeking for the buoyancy of hope. Never quite avoiding the edge of this world. Seeking true North … Continue reading Wind and Stone

Off Limits

  Unfolding before you the scene. the future, and the moment. Mind racing to grab hold of the next thing. Static like a ladder rung, or crumbling like a cliff face. Going up or going down, movement is inevitable. Feel the sensation of rising, of falling. Straight elation. doom and peril. There is no existence … Continue reading Off Limits

Black Fox

   Black Fox calls me in the night. “Come and play.” But I am wound up tight in strands of bitter things. Black Fox says, “Let me chew through your memories. Then, they won’t tie you down.” But when I look, they are deep in the Earth. Roots have grown from the places I was … Continue reading Black Fox

The Host

  We are late in the hour of our arrival. The journey was not a particularly long one, but a winter storm blew in and left us without a path to follow. Picking our way through the forest. Pushing through the drifted snow. Risking injury, or misdirection, getting lost out in the wild. But we … Continue reading The Host

The Breakout

  Hands speak. Eyes question. Mouth is a void, chilling in its absence. Ears open. Mind full. Evade the frog-march, no predilection. Thinking for yourself is not a thing. Programmed from the beginning. Have to dash your head, or dose your kind, if you really want to change your mind. Hear the notes, but lag … Continue reading The Breakout

Fun House

  Finding my face turning away. Trying to get straight my angles of escape. Light shifts and time makes things clearer than before, while others fade into the distance, not the same view anymore. Spent so much time avoiding the pain of reconciliation. I started to miss forward. Caught up in my hesitation. Past and … Continue reading Fun House

Creation Myth

   Wounded by expectations. No bitter words, just long travail. Simple sets of integrated systems, soon become our complicated tale. Never wind the springs that set the clock to gears turning. Time escapes every one of us. Alive, except for time, a piano wire strung across the finish line. Work of our bodies. Tasks of … Continue reading Creation Myth